4 Year Wedding Anniversary- Date Night

Last night, Piglet’s godparents babysat Piglet so we could go out on the town. We had a sleepover at their house, and then Geeky’s husband acted as our chauffeur so we could both drink and relax. I was nervous about leaving Piglet, because we’ve never had anyone else put him to bed before. I had no reason to worry though! Piglet loves his godparents and they are so good with him. Geeky texted me that he went right down for bed, no crying or fussing. We were so proud of that little boy! It was so much easier to relax knowing that he wasn’t sad that we were gone.


After dinner, we went out for drinks at the bar we went to on our wedding night. We had hoped to play shuffleboard, but it was full. We did have fun playing with the putting green. Somehow I managed to get a couple in, even though I was pretty buzzed! After our round of golf, Fire Guy picked us up and took us back to their house.


We sat around their firepit, chatting and laughing, and drinking way too much wine. I overdid it and was extremely hung over this morning. I also may have passed out for a brief minute on their great dane! But we had such a good time, and I’m so lucky to have such a great best friend! She even got up in the morning bright and early with Piglet, and let me go back to bed to sleep it off! She’s amazing!! I can’t wait until they have a little one of their own so we can return the favor!



    happiest of anniversaries!!! looks like you had a wonderful date night out xoxo from the ec!!!


    So sweet you have friends like that :). And I love that you might have passed out on the pooch 🙂


    So nice that you have such good friends and happy anniversary!!

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