4 Years-The Fruit & Flower Anniversary

Today marks four years since Match and I said, “I Do.” Since then Match has gone through the academy, been a Sheriff Deputy, I became a stay at home spouse, we became homeowners, we got pregnant and had our sweet angel baby Roo, we suffered through grief, and we came out the other side with our sweet boy Piglet. Match changed agencies and is now a police officer instead of a deputy, and I became a stay at home mom. It’s incredible to think that all of these big life moments happened in just four short years.


Match is working tonight, but it’s his Friday, and we are planning on celebrating throughout the weekend. Geeky and her hubby are going to babysit Piglet so we can get some much needed couple time. I cannot wait to spend the weekend with my love. Here’s to another year of loving you sweetie!



    Wait… it sounds like you were married the day before I was. Today (Sept 4) is our 4 year anniversary :). Happy Anniversary (a day late)!!


    🙂 Happy Anniversary!


    Happy anniversary! Enjoy your time with each other.


    That’s a lot in just 4 years!! Happy anniversary! May you have many, many more!


    beautiful pictures! happy 4th anni!!! here’s to many, many more xoxo

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