10 Things to Smile About-August

It’s the last week of August, and time to recap the month. Can I just say that I am ridiculously excited that we are almost to the end of summer? Everyone is posting about being sad that summer is almost over, but I cannot wait for Fall. This hot weather has been kicking my behind, and I’m tired of being stuck inside in the afternoons because it’s too hot to do anything. Bring it on Fall! I’m ready! Where was I? Oh yeah, August 10 Things to Smile About!

1. Geeky spent the night at the beginning of the month, and we had a girl’s night out. It was fun going to dinner, and then getting drinks at a quiet bar downtown. We caught up and had a great heart to heart. In the morning, Piglet was overjoyed that his Auntie/Godmama was there to play with him! Geeky is such an amazing friend, and I love that she takes time out of her busy schedule to spend time with us. DSC_0734
2.  A family walk in the park made me smile, as did the sweet girl who offered to take a picture of all of us. I love that she got Monkey in the photo too! Doesn’t he look like he’s smiling?

3.  Fun playdates in the park with these two friends we met through our library’s storytime. We found a nearby park that has a kid’s fountain. They had a blast running around cooling off!

4.  We actually had a few cooler mornings this month, which allowed me to dress up Piglet in this getup, which made me smile.


5. Camping with my sweet boys gave me lots of smiles! Even though Piglet didn’t get a lot of sleep, we still had a great time and can’t wait to go again!

6.  Having lunch with Match’s parents and watching them actually play with Piglet made me smile! Many of you know the tremulous relationship Piglet has with his grandparents, and seeing them be so hands on with him made us so happy!

7. Watching Match finally get his truck made me grin big time! He’s wanted a truck for so long, and we finally found him the right one. I’ll miss my Jeep Cherokee, but with this truck we can do a lot more of our house projects. He promised he’ll get started on a bunch of honey do list items soon. Woot woot!

8.  How can I not smile while playing chase with my little man? This is his new favorite game, and we chase each other all over the house. His squeals of delight are possibly the sweetest sound in the world!

9. Piglet has become very interested in helping out around the house. Match snapped a few pictures of him helping me with the weeding in the yard. Having such a good little helper made me smile!

10. My Uncle and his family came to visit me! Spending time with my crazy family always makes me smile!




    I just had to comment because this made me laugh because I read the line, “tremulous relationship Piglet has with his parents” at first as you saying Piglet had a bad relationship with you guys!! I was like man he is pretty young to be having those type of feelings 🙂 Glad I got that figured out in my head, I must be tired!


    Yea! Glad they grandparents are getting a little more involved. Love the picture of you playing chase, such a fun moment. My husband used to have a truck, he definitely misses it; but when you get a free company vehicle it is hard to justify having another car payment. Looks like it was a good month and yes, I am ready for the summer and heat to be over too. Thanks so much for linking up


    Oh looks like you had a great month! I am ready for fall too but at the same time I’m not because I hate winter… lol. It’s a toss up 🙂


    thank you for my mid day smile! you for sure have a lot to be happy and smile about!!

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