Piglet’s First Camping Trip

Match is changing schedules because he is on training, and as luck would have it, he got 4 days off because of the shift change. We decided to take advantage of the time off and take a quick trip up the coast. We’ve been dying to get out of the heat and do a little camping with Piglet.

All week long we worked on getting him used to the tent. We even tried camping out in the backyard the weekend before the trip. It started out as fun and games when we were setting it up.


As soon as he realized he was supposed to sleep in there, he was not a happy camper.


We quickly aborted that plan, and decided to just leave the tent up all week in the backyard so he could get used to it.

The day of the actual camping trip, we drove during nap time so he would be well rested. We got to the campground, and once we paid for a spot, we got to drive around and pick our favorite open spot, and then head back to the ranger station to reserve it. We lucked out and got the only spot with a view of the bay.


Yes there was also a road there, but it was a quiet one, and by nightfall there were no cars driving by at all. We could hear the foghorn and hear the sea lions barking. It was amazing!

As soon as we unpacked, Piglet immediately started playing with the dump truck we brought him. The campsite was perfect for littles. Nice soft sand to play in, and he was really good about sticking close by. I thought for sure I’d have to chase him all over the campground, but he was perfectly content hanging out near us. We also bought him his very first chair, and he was thrilled to have a chair that was his size. He kept climbing into it and putting his sippy cup in the drink holder.


As soon as we finished setting up camp, we hopped back into the car and drove down to the beach access point. The weather was absolutely beautiful, with very little wind. It’s so rare to visit the beach and not have to battle the wind. My boys are both part polar bear, and didn’t seem to care at all about the frigid water. Piglet had a blast playing in the sand and getting filthy with daddy.


Back at the camp, we were able to take nice hot showers and then get ready for dinner. We took care of business, and I’m happy to say that potty training while camping went really well! Piglet is getting better and and better about pottying in the toilet, and every little catch we have is a reason to celebrate! I love that we didn’t have to clean up one poopy diaper the entire time we were there! We’re still a long ways away from diaper free, but I love that we’re making progress! Also notice the cracker. He couldn’t put it down, even for a twosie. That kid cracks me up!



We decided to go to a fancy seafood restaurant in town for dinner that night. Piglet slept for some of the meal, and Match and I were able to have a bit of a date night. When he woke up, the awesome waiter brought him a balloon to keep him entertained. That waiter knows kids! Piglet loved the balloon and played with it for the rest of our trip. He also learned how to say “balloo” and kept saying it over and over.


That night we hoped we could just put Piglet right to sleep, but he wasn’t having it. He didn’t want to miss out on anything! So he stayed up way past his bedtime, watching the fire and fighting sleep. We were finally able to put him down, after Match laid down with him and shushed him til he passed out. Then we were able to relax for about 30 minutes, before we crashed too.


Of course Piglet was up bright and EARLY, as in 5:30am early. We tried to coax him back to sleep, but everything was much too exciting, so early birds we were. Much needed coffee helped the sleepies.


We took a little walk around the campsite and along the bay before packing up. On the drive home, we stopped at Bodega Head to check out the view. The ocean was so beautiful, and it made me really miss life by the sea. Piglet slept most of the drive home, after playing with balloon for part of the drive. It was an awesome first camping trip, and I can’t wait to go again! I just hope we can get Piglet to sleep in next time!!




    Looks/sounds like a great trip! Your pictures are making me home sick for California! It’s been way too long since I’ve been back for a visit. We used to go camping with my grandparents at Cayucos. Miss it so much!


    Looks like a great trip! We are about to try potty training here, any tips?


    camping is super fun, Piglet will get the hang of it, (the potty training pic is hilarious) where is that camp site, looks gorgeous and I want to go there!!

    I remember our first camping trip my little one kept the entire camp site up the first night, then we left!!


    What an awesome trip and I’m so glad you exposed Piglet to camping at such a young age šŸ™‚ He’ll get there (especially with the sleeping) but yea, I can understand. The mornings are an exciting time of day… and there was much to see! Adorable pictures.

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