Our Office/Playroom Combo

The office, which is just off our family room, has always been a source of frustration for me. It has always been unfinished or in transition. For a long time, it was where we kept Monkey’s crate, and where I had a craft table set up. I knew eventually I wanted to turn it into an office/playroom combo, but I didn’t have everything I needed. After tripping on countless toys, I finally had enough. During one of Piglet’s naps, I managed to drag around the big desk and bookcases, and rearranged things a bit. I got rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff we no longer used, and I moved some of the books out into our family room built ins. Once again I failed and forgot to take before pictures. *Smacks forehead.* I was able to find a couple mixed in with other pictures. That adorable puff ball puppy belongs to Miss PhD, and yes she’s the cutest thing ever.


It’s super hard to see, but here is the desk and one of the bookcases. The filing cabinet was to the right of the desk, and the other bookcase was just to the right of the doorway.


The hardest part was baby proofing the grown up stuff. The desk drawers and cabinets didn’t work with my cabinet locks, so I had to get creative. I used hair ties and rubber bands, and drilled screws into the side of the desk to hook them on, and voila, baby is locked out!

I also moved all of our more important paperwork and books up onto the highest shelves. I will still have to supervise him because he can reach the laptop on his tippy toes, and he can crawl under the desk and poke at the power strip. But it’s relatively baby proof, and so far he hasn’t seemed interested in those things. I still need to rearrange the frames on the wall, and add some kid elements. Do you see the framed constellation that shows where Roo’s star is?


I think it’s perfect for the space. I also want to add some educational posters, and eventually make this playroom more of a classroom. I’ve been looking around at different kids room decor from Urbanara and I’ve found all kinds of ideas. Maybe I could hang this cute elephant on the wall. charcoal-grey-felt-elephant-head-singoli

For now, here’s the goodwill table I found for $12.50.


I had an epic chalkboard spray paint fail, where all the paint came out in huge clumps, so I gave up and just painted it black. We still drew a road on it with chalk, and I think it looks just fine. Piglet really likes opening the drawer and hiding his toys inside.


Match joined in on the fun, and decided to build Piglet a fort. It’s a little big for the space, but Piglet loves it. When he first saw it, he let out a squeal and ran inside. Now he likes to sit in there and read books with us, or “read” by himself. I’m hoping to make a better cover for the fort, one that actually stays put, but the old sheets work for now. Isn’t it just begging for a keep out, or no girls allowed sign? Lucky for me, Piglet still thinks I don’t have cooties. fort The playroom/office is still a work in progress, but I am loving it. I am able to get some work done on the computer, and have Piglet contained to one room. I also love that when company comes over, all the toys can be put away in the playroom, and out of the living room. My house doesn’t look like a toy store anymore! playroom

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