10 Things to Smile About-July ’14

1. My little helper: Piglet’s willingness to help me with chores around the house made me smile. Here he is doing the laundry.


2.  These two! Bath time always makes me smile, but especially when Match decides to join in. He’s such a big kid!


3. Finishing our deck project really made me smile. I am so happy with how it turned out.


4. Piglet in a bucket made me crack up. Match got the bright idea to let him splash around in our copper bucket. I think he looks like a hillbilly taking a bath in one of those old timey tv shows.


Then of course Match had to find a bucket he could fit in. That guy constantly cracks me up!

DSC_0599 (2)

4. Visiting the Jelly belly factory for my youngest nephew’s birthday made me smile. We always have so much fun with this big group of boys!

5. We also took a trip to Grass Valley to visit our friends Good Couple and their twins. It was their twins’ half birthday, and we had a great time celebrating with them. She had a construction theme for the boys, complete with work aprons for all the kids. How cute are those? Watching Piglet wear his proudly made me smile.

6. Going to the beach with the family made me smile. I got some quality time with my family, and also with this handsome fella.


7. Watching my dad with my son really made me smile. Piglet loves his grandpa, and they have such a good time together.


8. Match has been able to come home for his lunch breaks. Usually Piglet is asleep, but on the days that Match takes a late lunch, this happens, and my heart just melts.

DSC_0620 (2)

9. Playdates in the park always make me smile, but capturing Piglet’s kissy face was priceless. He kept trying to give her kisses! What’s that song about Georgey porgy kissed the girls and made them cry?


10.  Music jam sessions. We’ve started up with the guitars again, attempting to learn at least one or two songs. I’m pretty sure Piglet is going to figure it out before we do! DSC_0617 (2)

 What made you smile last month?



    Love your list! Sorry I am finally just getting to it now. Such a cute laundry helper you have. You should totally do a photo shoot with him in that bucket 🙂 So nice that your husband is able to come home for lunch. There have been a few years in our marriage where Eric’s job was close enough that he could, but most of the time his commute is too long, and he goes out to eat with his coworkers all the time too, much better food then the PB&J I would probably feed him 🙂 Looks like a great month.


    your pictures made me smile 🙂 that’s so great that with match’s new job he can come home for lunch! certainly a nice perk. he is a trip! you are certainly a pretty little family!!

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