Reconnecting With Old Friends

Last night, Match and I were looking through my old scrapbooks and reminiscing. I came across many college photos of my friends Old Married Couple. I didn’t blog about it, but after Roo died, I cut off ties with a lot of friends, including Old Married Couple and Brazil. With Brazil, it was because she was pregnant, and I was angry. I just couldn’t face her and her daughter, and her pregnant bump…and I just didn’t know how to tell her that. With Old Married Couple, they never wanted children, so I guess I just thought they wouldn’t understand. Even after they reached out to us by sending a sympathy card, I ignored it. I didn’t tell them off or have a big falling out. I just stopped talking to them, complete radio silence. It was childish, and one of the biggest regrets of my life.


Looking at the old photos reminded me of what great friends they were. So I worked up my courage and I sent them all messages. I haven’t heard back from Brazil, but I’m not even sure if her email address is the same. But I did here from Old Married Wife, and she immediately accepted my apology. She said she couldn’t possibly imagine what we’d gone through with Roo, so she understood how I just disappeared. We made tentative plans to meet up next month, and I really hope we do. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. There are times when saying goodbye to a friendship is the right choice, and there are times when it isn’t. She said she has thought a lot about me over the past two years as well, and she was glad that I reached out. Sometimes all it takes is the courage to admit when we’ve made a mistake.



    Good for you! That took a lot of courage, and I’m not surprised that at least one friend was understanding. You can never have too much love in your life.


    that’s very big of you… i certainly commend you as that took a lot of courage. and i hope that your friends see it that way and that you all are able to work through it all. sending you lots of hugs from the ec!!


    So good for you! I can’t imagine what you went through either, but it is so awesome you took this step. I bet you will have a great time together.

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