10 Things to Smile About-June ’14

Where did June go?? There was a lot to smile about this month!

1. The kiddy pool and watching how much fun Piglet has splashing around. He has almost as much fun as Daddy!


2. Swim playdates with Piglet and his ladies. Yes, he is quite the little ladies man!


3. Going home to visit my family P1100219

4. Reuniting with Match after our road trip. I love watching these two together.


5.  Playing at the Pump it Up party for a friend’s birthday party. Match and I had a blast jousting, and Piglet had the time of his life.



6.  Our morning walks with Monkey


7.  Story time at the library and how Piglet is such a social butterfly. He makes sure to say hi to everyone in the class.


8.  When this happened: Piglet found my wallet in my purse, and was running around the house with it.


9. Celebrating Fire Guy’s 30th birthday. Piglet had so much fun socializing!


10.  My husband, and how he’s always doing things on my honey do list. Currently he is in the middle of making me steps for our front walk way. I love how he is so self motivated to do these cool projects!




    I’m almost painfully introverted, so E’s love of all things social makes me happy. She loves to say Hi to everyone, too!


    Looks like a great June! And can I just say I was very happy to see a picture of Monkey 🙂 (I’m always happy to see pictures of Piglet OF COURSE, but I like to see pups too lol)


    Awww, I love this list so very much 🙂 And how thoughtful of Match to build steps! I can’t with the pictures of Piglet and the ladies. SO stinkin cute!! Looks like you guys are having a great summer so far 🙂

    Kenzie Smith

    Those are all such great things to be happy about! I love all the super cute photos of Piglet 😀 He is quite the ladies man!


    So awesome to have a husband that likes doing projects actually. Looks like it was a wonderful month. Piglet is smart- stealing mama’s money already 😉 So happy you got to visit with family, I just got back from seeing both sides of my family it was awesome (and tiring). Thanks so much for linking up


    these made me smile too!! every single one of them. hilarious picture of match in the kids pool with a beer… piglet is growing up so fast. so fast!

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