Cars are Money Pits

We just got a notice in the mail that our new (to us) Ford has a recall. Luckily they will be fixing the issue at no cost to us, but taking it down to the dealership and then being without it for most of the day is such a hassle. I’m just grateful it isn’t an issue with the truck suv auto brakes like some recalls.
Don’t you just hate how cars require so much money and maintenance? I can think of so many things I’d rather put time and effort into. But I suppose if I didn’t have my car I’d be frustrated. Living in suburbia, a car is pretty much a necessity!



    Aw, that sucks! I keep waiting for some sort of recall on my vehicle, seeing as how every other Chevy has had recalls (seems like). But, so far, nothing on my make yet….


    Oy. I am trying desperately to save up for a car… I don’t know how I live in suburbia without one, though I’m grateful there is public transportation to get me around I guess… But yea, they really are money pits. I’m sorry to hear about the recall, but at least you don’t have to pay. Hope you get it back soon!

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