Just Call Me Mrs. Fixit

While I was up in Oregon, my parents’ oven heating coil caught on fire. Luckily it went out quickly, but man it was exciting! Of course my poor mom was just about to bake a cake for my brother’s and my Pops’ birthdays. She was all upset because she wouldn’t have the cake ready, and my Pops would be grumpy because he’d have to fix it after a long day of working. I told her I could fix it if she would just pick up the part. I know it might not seem like much, but I was so proud of myself!


Here’s the old heating coil that actually broke apart because it burnt through. Notice the newly installed heating coil is red hot and working away! Yay! We had a delicious cake that evening! My Pops was proud of me, and it felt so good to take that off his plate. He’s a contractor, and I definitely take after him in that way.

Doing things like this around the house inspire me to become a Mrs. Fixit. I actually looked up some certifications to see about becoming an appliance repair person. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be too many jobs out there for appliance repair that would justify the cost of schooling.

Still, I feel so proud of myself when I’m able to accomplish a project like this. Just last month, before Piglet’s birthday, I replaced the water tubing and water tank in the refrigerator.  I got such a huge sense of accomplishment and it saved us a ton of money by not buying a new fridge, or paying a technician to come out. I’m hoping these Mrs. Fixit skills will come in handy in the future too, in case we ever get to buy an investment property and flip houses. That is one of the goals we have in the next 10 years. Who knows, maybe by then I’ll also have learned how to do other handywoman projects. I’d love to start learning some wood working.

What small project or task completed gives you that rush of accomplishment?



    Yay for you!!! I love doing stuff like that, too, although I don’t think I’m nearly that handy. My husband and I replaced our faucet handles last week, and last night we cleaner his Mass Air Flow Sensor on his car. Thank goodness for the internet and YouTube for this stuff!


    This past Thanksgiving eve, my in-laws element went out and couldn’t be repaired until the next week so we had to eat Thanksgiving dinner out!


    Oh, my goodness…. that is incredibly impressive! Seriously, go YOU! I so very much wish we lived closer because I would love to give you some work (there are always projects to do, right)?


    High five, lady! That is awesome! While I’ve never fixed an expensive appliance (go you!), when Lexie was little she had a toy piano that broke. I took the thing apart and figured out the problem and when I put it back together, it actually worked! It probably only would have cost us $30 to buy a new one, but I was so proud of myself! 🙂

    You should definitely start learning more handywoman skills. Maybe there’s someone you could shadow as they work once a week or something? Then you’d get the experience without having to pay for the schooling.


    rock on! that’s so awesome that you were able to fix it 🙂


    Wow girl, you’re a rock star! There is no way I would even know where to begin on something like that LOL

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