Piglet’s First Swim

Today we took Piglet to our gym’s pool for family swim time. It’s the first time he’s actually been submerged in a pool. I tried once when he two months old, but the water was way too cold.


This pool is indoors, so we didn’t have to worry about sunscreen and all that. The pool was heated to a perfect 86 degrees, and there were only a few people swimming, so it felt like we had the place to ourselves.  The pictures don’t really do him justice. He had a great time, and kept cracking up, until I’d get out and grab the camera. He absolutely loved the water, and had a great time splashing with Daddy! I have a feeling this kid is going to be part fish before long! I definitely need to sign us up for some mommy and me swim classes. We had such a fun afternoon with our little guy, and we were so impressed that he didn’t even seem scared by the new experience. It was a welcome relief from the heat we’ve been having, and I can’t wait to go back!





    I was still living with my parents when I had Lexie and they happened to have a backyard pool, so Lexie was introduced to the water early on. I think that’s why she’s never been scared of it as she grew up. Mommy and me swim classes would be a GREAT idea for you and Wyatt. They’re fun, not to mention then you’d feel safer taking him around places with pools!


    E went into the pool at 9 months last summer and we have her taking lessons this summer. She loves water!


    super cute!! do you have a baby pool for him to splash around in at home?


    Oh how fun! That’s great that he loves the water so much 🙂


    I can’t get over how stinking cute he is 🙂 Awwwww…. And also it’s wonderful you are teaching him to swim. Just this past weekend I had a conversation with my parents about how, at the ripe age of 35, I don’t know how to swim. They couldn’t believe it!

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