Our “Date” Nights

Piglet is an early riser, sometimes as early as 6am. While I don’t always love the early wake up call, it also means he goes to bed early.


On Match’s days off,  we have our “date” nights at home. We don’t do anything too special, but we enjoy our quality grown up time together. Recently we’ve started playing chess. I’m absolutely terrible at it, but it’s fun.


On nice nights, we sit outside, and if it’s cool enough, we light a fire in our fire pit.

IMAG4962 IMAG4963

I love relaxing by the fire, talking with Match, listening to Irish music, and sipping a beer. We don’t have to go anywhere to have wonderful date nights. What do you do for your “date” nights in?




    We normally just watch a movie or catch up on recorded TV shows. We’re not terribly interesting at home, I guess. 😉


    We open up a nice bottle of wine and watch t.v. together. It’s kind of nice because while we watch t.v. together all the time – one of us is usually on the phone or on the laptop, etc.


    MOst of our date nights are definitely “in”, we have such a hard time getting away any more. Usually catching up on DVR, maybe some Phase 10 or Scrabble.


    Our date “nights” are usually on the boring side – recorded tv shows or Netflix. However, last summer when the boys started camp and I had a whole morning free (whee!) we went out for brunch. That has become hugely popular so once a week, when A has preschool and N is at all-day school, Mr. Ed takes an hour or so in the morning and we go for a walk for a coffee or out for brunch. It’s the BEST day of the week by far! There isn’t enough time for errands or anything serious, but just enough time to focus on each other before the rest of the day gets going.
    I love your firepit! Someday… first we need a backyard!


    that actually looks like fun and so relaxing! date nights for sure don’t always have to be about going out. i think it’s wonderful that you and match make time for each other like this.


    Sounds like you guys have wonderful date nights 🙂 Sometimes John and I just cuddle on the couch and watch our favorite show together, other times we will spend it in the kitchen meal prepping. Not the most romantic, but its fun for us.

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