The House Paint Reveal

Piglet’s birthday pictures showed some glimpses of the new house color, but here is the final reveal. I am so in love with the new color. As a refresher, here is what the house looked like when we first moved in. We have always hated the red trim color. It’s not a bright cheery red, it’s almost a purple mauve. It never worked for us. We didn’t mind the base color too much, but with the tan trim, it was always sort of blah. We have since replaced the windows, garage door, light fixtures, and did a little landscaping.


The colors we chose were antique white trim, night sky blue for the doors, and library pewter for the base. I’m totally geeking out on the name for the base, because I do so love the library. Match was the one who decided on the door color. I never would have thought to pick blue, but I love it. It’s different from the red doors of most of Today’s Homes, and it goes well with the slate colored tile in our entryway.


I think the transformation is amazing. It’s like a brand new house! I also need to learn to stand in the same spot when I take before and after pictures, but you get the idea.


I love the satin finish of the pewter. It gives a bit of luxury to the paint color that wasn’t there before. We used to have a matte finish, and it showed every smudge and dirt spot. Don’t mind the patheticness that is our doorbell. I’ve been searching for one for years, but I have yet to find the right one. I’d like to find something with a Celtic flair, to go with our Irish welcome sign. It means “A Thousand Welcomes” in Gaelic. Also, the doors really need to be replaced, but after dropping a big chunk of change on the dry rot repairs plus the house painting, it just wasn’t in the budget. The dents in the door stand out a little bit more with the color change, but it’s not too noticeable.



It really is amazing what a little paint can do.

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    Looks great! We painted last year and it really does change the whole look of the house.


    it looks great! Paint can get expensive, but you can really see a difference between brands and types of paint. And I totally agree that the red was too dark. This is much more cheerful. 🙂


    legit. your house looks brand new!! i love the colors you chose! very classy 🙂


    I love it, especially the blue door! You guys did a great job choosing colors that coordinate well with each other!


    Wow, I love it!! It looks so much fresher than in the first picture!


    WOW! That looks incredible. Have you driven past it yet – not recognizing it?? My friend did that when she painted her house and we’ve never stopped teasing her! The blue really makes it look classier. Such a great choice.


    Wow it really looks great! What brand paint did you guys use? We’ve been trying out different colors for our base paint but haven’t found the right fit yet, but the library pewter looks great!

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