Piglet is ONE!

A year ago today, our sweet rainbow baby came into this world. This beautiful soul chose us to be his family, and we couldn’t ask for a better baby. I remember how he quietly looked around, absorbing all of the new sights and sounds. His little eyes already seemed so wise.


These past 12 months have flown by, and I am shocked that he is already one. We have had so many adventures, and of course the challenges that come with being new parents. Piglet has been so patient with us, as we’ve bumbled along, figuring it all out together.


While the last few months have been all about movement, this month has been about fine tuning his skills. He is still on the move, but his movements are more precise. He can stand up on his own easily now and can climb up and down out of our laps with no problems. He will literally run behind his walker (or pretty much anything he can push!). He also likes to stand up and sit down, and do this little squat thing, that just cracks me up! He loves to walk with us, and can walk along next to us if we hold his hand. I’m convinced he can walk on his own, but he just lacks that confidence. He’s taken his first steps, and I know full blown walking will soon follow.




He now sleeps through the night most nights, and it is amazing! It has been so nice catching up on some much needed sleep! Of course teething throws curve balls, or the occasional night poopy, but overall he’s been a great little sleeper these days.

His vocabulary has grown, and he can answer a lot of questions when asked. He still loves to point, and his favorite new phrase is “what dat?” as he points to all sorts of things. “Who dat?” is another favorite, especially when we look in the mirror. He says mama, dada, ba (bath), night-night, dog, yes, no, hi, bye, and my favorite, HEY, which he likes to scream really loudly to strangers. Then once he has their attention, he proceeds to wave and then acts shy. He is quite the little flirt!


Our elimination communication potty adventure has been going pretty well. He is really good about going in the potty, but sometimes play time is way more exciting, and then he forgets to tell us. Sometimes he crawls to the bathroom, and we have days where he only uses a couple of diapers all day. Other days he poops in his sleep, and then flails around and steps in it, so it’s always an adventure! He still loves his books, and story time at the library. Last month he got up in front of the class and decided to lead the song with Librarian Dan. He is such a little show off, just like his mama!


Today we celebrated with his monthly photo shoot, and then opened a couple of gifts. He wasn’t cooperating much for pictures, and was much more interested in playing. I can’t say that I blame him; I mean, look at what my mom and Pops sent him!


After presents, we spent the day at the Sacramento Zoo. Piglet had so much fun looking at all the animals, and he even roared at the lion!


Even though he missed his am nap, he was such a trooper. We had the best day with our little birthday boy! We truly are so blessed to have this amazing boy in our lives. Piglet, every day with you is a gift, and we are so grateful we get to be your parents. We love you more than words can say, and we can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for you. Thank you for an incredible year!




    Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it has already been a year!! Piglet is too darn cute 😀 I hope he had a wonderful time today!


    Happy birthday, little guy! They get so big so fast. Rory is starting kindergarten in a few months. Eeek!


    Wow, look how little he was! Aww I can’t believe he’s a year already Happy birthday Piglet!!! ?


    Happy Birthday Piglet! I can’t believe he is alreadyone. It is amazing how much babies change month by month 🙂


    Oh, my goodness…. Has it been a year already?! He’s so incredibly handsome and getting so big! I absolutely adore the picture of you walking with him. So beautiful! Happy happy birthday to Piglet 🙂


    Happy birthday dear Piglet! I hope one day we get to meet you in person. And those month-by-month pictures — how amazing! Oh — based solely on what I’ve observed, first children seem much more likely to delay taking their first independent steps until long after they’re clearly physically capable of doing so. Whereas the second ones can be far less cautious and much more reckless, so they’ll let go and walk before their little legs can barely support them.


    Happy Birthday Piglet! What a sweet little man. Those monthly photos are fantastic. What a great collection. That first year goes so fast. And the second one is so much fun – the walking, the talking, so much to look forward to. Many many happy wishes to all of you!


    Aw, happy birthday little guy!


    happpppppy birthday piglet!!!!!!!!!!! what an amazing year it has been for you and match. and what a lucky kid piglet is to have you both as parents!! xo from the ec!

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