DIY Pinata

We are starting to get RSVPs for Piglet’s big first birthday, and it looks like there will be quite a few kids attending. I got some great advice from another mom, who suggested a pinata as the activity to keep kids entertained. Plus just think of the cute photo opp of Piglet swinging a bat!

I looked for a truck pinata, but they were all the wrong colors, and frankly they were all overpriced for something the kids are just going to whack apart with a bat. So I hopped on pinterest, and saw that it’s not so difficult to make your own pinata. Match decided to help me out, and basically did the entire thing by himself. He used old cardboard boxes, lots of masking and scotch tape, tissue paper I’ve saved over the years, and some aluminum foil. The entire project was 100% free!


It was cute to see him get so into decorating. He had a lot of fun with it, and it turned out so cute! I almost don’t want to see the kids smash it.



I don’t think the pictures do it justice. It turned out great, and I am so excited to see it hanging up for Piglet’s party~




    Oh how fun! I love that you guys made the pinata yourselves 😀 We thought about having a pinata at Carson’s birthday party last month but I couldn’t find one that would have worked well.


    well that is just too cute! How crafty 🙂


    Aww I love this, I haven’t thought about pinatas in years and years!


    You guys are good! I’d have just sucked it up and paid for the overpriced pinata because I’d never have thought to make one myself! Match’s turned out amazing! At least you got some good pictures in before the kids get a whack at it!


    omg i love that!!! you and match are awesome!! so super diy crafty.


    Very cool – what a great job Match did. Hope they have a blast at the birthday party!


    Awwww, that is so cute! And I love love love that you made it yourself (well, that Match made–but you helped out!). XOXO

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