Happy Easter!

Yesterday Piglet celebrated his first Easter. We spent the day with my stepbrother and extended step family that I’ve recently reconnected with. It felt really good to be around family for the holiday. Piglet had such a great time playing with his cousins! He also went on his very first Easter egg hunt, and even found an egg all by himself!

He wasn’t so sure about his cousin’s bunny hat. I think he was afraid I’d put it on him, like I did at the store.



Here’s Piglet’s bunny hat from the day before, at Old Navy. He was not too pleased.


Fun playtime and egg hunting with the cousins! Fotor042193230

Happy Easter to all!



    OMG his facial expressions are too cute! Happy Easter!


    I’m dying with the cute facial expressions over here. LOL!!!! Awww, looks like a very nice Easter 🙂 It’s so nice when there are cousins that can grow up together. XOXO


    Love that picture of him holding the eggs- his expression is the best. How nice to be able to spend the holiday with family


    totally agree with the comments above… piglet has such great expressions!! and he is totally adorbs!

    that’s awesome that you were able to spend easter with some of your newly reconnected extended family!

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