My Family is Back!

It’s crazy to think that Match has been back for almost a week now. We’ve been so busy with family time that I didn’t get time to blog. His flight got in late Monday night, and Tuesday morning I went to Zumba while he took on daddy duty. He tried the whole I’m tired from traveling ploy, and I just said, “Oh yeah? I’m tired from being a single parent for 5 days! Boom!” Hehehe. But seriously, he was happy to help out, and couldn’t wait to spend time with his little man. He’s been extra helpful to me this past week, and he made sure to tell me over and over again how grateful he is for all that I do. Damn straight 😉

Tuesday night we went out for a family date. Piglet did a great job at the sushi restaurant we love. I can’t believe how much he’s grown since the last time we went there. Last time he could barely fit in the high chair, and look at him now!


The past few days have been full of piggy back rides, play time in the park, snuggles, and lots of cuddle time with Daddy. Match missed his little boy so much, and Piglet was over the moon to have Dada back. One night this past week while doing his bedtime routine, Match was hugging Piglet, and I swear Piglet said, “My dada.” Holy cuteness!!


I loved my bonding time with my little monster, but there is nothing like having my family back together. We’re at the tail end of Match’s work week, and I can’t wait for more family bonding time. In other awesome news, Match heard back from our city’s police department! They are moving forward, and they said they will have set up a meeting in the next couple of weeks to give him his written conditional offer. We still have a couple of hoops to jump through, but it’s moving forward, and we are so excited!



    so glad you’re family is whole again!


    there is nothing like seeing a daddy and his little boy. those pictures were too cute! you are awesome and i’m fairly sure match is well aware of that 😉


    Awwww, like Phoebe said above, there’s something so incredibly sweet/cute about seeing a proud poppa and his little one, isn’t there? Love all of your photos and can’t believe how big your little one is getting. I’m also glad that Match realizes how hard you work at this mom thing and how incredibly awesome you are 🙂

    Always love an update and am SO glad you are all together again. XOXO

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