Focusing on the Positive

Kenzie, my blog friend over at Life & Lemons, recently wrote a post about focusing on the positive side of life. I’ve been a real Debbie Downer lately, and I think I need to focus on the positive.

So here are a few things that have been making me happy in this week of solo parenting:

1. Watching Piglet get more and more mobile. He loves to push these two furniture cubes we have all over the house. It’s amazing to see how strong and agile he has become. I think independent walking is going to happen very soon! I love how excited he gets when he gets somewhere he wants to go, on his own. He is so proud!


2. I’ve started making decorations and planning Piglet’s first birthday party. The theme is “Little Blue Truck” after the children’s book. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically a farm animal theme, mixed with a blue truck and a dump truck. It’s super cute and I am having a lot of fun with chalkboard paint, and sort of a rustic vibe.


3. Girls’ nights- I’ve had a couple of friends over for girl’s nights to fight the lonelies. One friend, Chippy Wife (her husband is a CHP officer) and I really bonded the other day. We always get together with our babies, and we’re so busy running after them, that we rarely get to really visit. She came over for a glass of wine, without her little one, after Piglet went to sleep. I loved that one-on-one time to really get to know my new friend better. Looking forward to more nights like that! Geeky came over yesterday and we had a great heart to heart over wine and tasty food, and she helped me put Piglet to bed. She’s such a good Godmama, and Piglet just beams when he’s with her.


Then today I met up with Ex-Neighbor and her son for a lunch play date. I am so grateful for good girlfriends!


4. Match’s phone call today after I emailed him about how I’ve been feeling with him away. I felt so incredibly left out, and just plain sad that my husband was on a vacation without me. He called me up and we had a great talk, and my heart already feels lighter. He promised that we will never be put in that position again, and he agreed that we do need to do more as a couple, and as a family. We have a tendency to pinch pennies, to the point where we forget to have fun, and he agreed that we need to strike a balance, and do more fun things together. I love him so much, and I’m so excited for him to come home tomorrow night!



    This is such a happy post! Defenitley good to see the positive.


    I’m glad you’re feeling better! Pinching pennies is SO not worth it at the expense of your happiness. Once he’s back, you guys need to start planning something special right away. Doesn’t have to be big, just something different. 🙂


    Hi Mrs. Match! I’m a long, long, long-time lurker and never comment on your blog (or any blog), but I’ve been reading almost since the beginning, when you were still in your dating misadventures. You got engaged shortly after I had my first child, and when you lost Roo, my heart broke for you. Then you had Piglet two months after I had my second. So I feel like I’ve lived a bunch of our big grown-up milestones together (I hope that’s not creepy).

    Anyway, I wanted to say that my husband and I waited until our daughter was 2 years old before we went on a trip child-free, and I only wish we had done it sooner. It’s such a great way to recharge, and you don’t have to do anything extravagant. It may be hard to leave Piglet with someone else, even someone you really trust (we left ours with my parents), but even if you miss him, you’ll love being with your husband and being able to just focus on each other and whatever you decide to do. I highly recommend it!

    P.S. (and sorry so long) I’m planning to move to Northern California in the summer, so maybe one day we’ll get to meet!


    I agree with thewanderblogger! I feel like pinching pennies is great sometimes, but you can’t take money with you when you go. I find that little trips is really what we want to spend our money on so we try and skimp on all the rest. I’m glad you are feeling better, you are so lucky to have girlfriends so close to you!


    awwww, momma… I’m so very sorry to hear that you are feeling a case of the sads. I think this goes without saying, but I just wanted to put it out there again–you can ALWAYS reach out to me for anything, okay?? XOXO

    I’m glad that Match is coming back soon and you can hopefully start planning a few more trips together. I understand this completely. I think Bryan and I are very different where that is concerned; Bryan likes to go away but not to the extent that I do. I RELISH in it. But it’s good as a couple to do these things together and to escape the everyday life. Don’t ever feel alone in this, you have such a great support system around you (I mean, look at the many friends you have had to stop by!) I always think that good attracts good, which is why so many want to be there for you 🙂 love you momma.


    i am sending you extra hugs from the ec. i can certainly relate to having the sads (for different reasons) and it blows. but. i’m glad that you are finding ways to turn the sads into happys 🙂 you deserve to be happy. lots to look forward to in the coming months–especially piglets bday!! xoxo


    I’m loving all of the happies that you listed! How fun that Piglet is becoming more mobile! I remember how excited I was when Carson became more mobile, then he started getting into everything. Kids are too fun though 😀 The Little Blue Truck book sounds cute! I am excited to hear/see more about the decorations you come up with. I’m glad that you were able to get together with your girl friends! It’s always so nice to have someone to talk to! Yay for getting to talk with Match too!!!


    Just wanted to wish you all the best for a very happy weekend 🙂 Thinking of you. XOXO

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