Friday Confessional-Inlaw Pressure

It’s been so long since I did a confessional, and with all that’s going on with us lately, this seemed the perfect way to update.

  •  I confess: That I may have cussed like a truck driver when Match’s family laid on even more family guilt, and pressured Match into going to his sister’s destination wedding.
  • I confess: that I’m so frustrated with his new job. First they gave him the verbal offer, and now…nothing. We’re STILL waiting on the next step, and now they’ve said we’re looking into April. I can’t help but have doubts now, and I’m trying so hard to focus on the positive.
  • I confess: that we were both really hoping the job would be the ultimate excuse for Match. He did not want to leave his wife and child behind while he vacations. He was a miserable wreck yesterday when he left. I tried to cheer him up, because I know that he deserves a vacation, but damn it so do I! We deserve to vacation together, and I’m so sad that we can’t.
  • I confess: that I am incredibly jealous that Match is in Mexico right now, while I’m home with a very cranky, teething baby. I love my little Piglet so much, but it’s times like these that I really appreciate my co-parent! Match is a very hands on daddy, and it’s times when he is away that I truly realize and appreciate how helpful he is. People have asked why I didn’t go, but the fact is, it wouldn’t have been a vacation for me, and it would have been selfish to do that to Piglet. I would have been constantly worrying about him, and with his teething, he would have been a bear to travel with. Plus 5 hours on a plane with a very wiggly 10 month old? That is no picnic. Not to mention the cost! I really hope his sister appreciates Match being there, because the ticket alone set us back a LOT. Urghhhhh!! images
  • I confess: that I am so angry with his family. While I’m glad he is able to see his sister get married, the fact is she is incredibly selfish for having a destination wedding, and then demanding he attend. He was put in the worst position-to choose between his extended family and his new family. Match and I have never had a vacation together, something always comes up. Work, family obligations, money issues, you name it. Instead of our family of 3 being able to spend his vacation time together, he has to spend it away from us. I’m also missing out on getting to enjoy a wedding with my spouse. Weddings are my favorite, and I love that when you go, you fall in love with your partner all over again. My heart is sad that I’m missing out on that.
  • I confess: that I hope that when Match returns, he will have the guts to tell his mother off, and his sister for that matter. I just can’t believe the way they treat him. He’s 30! He’s an adult who should be allowed to make his own decisions. Maybe this trip will be just the push he’s needed to be able to talk to them about boundaries.
  • I confess: that yesterday was god awful. Piglet fell and hit his head on the floor while pulling up on the couch. He hit it so hard that he projectile vomited all over me, which made me super scared that he might have a concussion. One trip to the Dr. later confirmed that he was ok, thank God!
  • I confess: that I bought a whole lot of junk food for while Match is away. There is something so depressing about making dinner for one, so I bought a few frozen meals and things like mac n’ cheese that Match doesn’t like. This is the part of him being gone that I’m secretly enjoying.
  • I confess: that the silver lining to all of this is that while Piglet sleeps, I have been able to focus on his birthday plans. With Match gone, I’ve had a lot of down time in the evenings to work on the decorations, and I’m getting really excited about it.




    I know we’ve talked a little bit about Match and the destination wedding, I’m sorry to hear that he got suckered into going! I can imagine that is frustrating financially and emotionally. Hopefully he will stand up to his mom and sister soon! How long is he away for?
    That is scary about Piglet hitting his head! I’m glad that he is okay!


    Sending you lots of hugs! I hope the job comes through soon.


    ack. seems like it’s been quite a week for you! i’m sending you happy thoughts and hugs from the ec. i’m so glad that piglet is ok!! sending him hugs from the ec too!!!


    SO glad Piglet is okay after his fall! The vomiting would have freaked me out too. Glad it was just a bad bump and not something more serious. Also sorry to hear that Match had to go to the wedding alone! It’s not like its much fun for him without you guys and the pressure ruins his enjoyment of his sisters big day. In the end, what’s the point?! So unfortunate. Hope the formal job offer comes through soon. Will keep some extra fingers crossed for you. Enjoy the junk food. I always do that when Mr. Ed is away. Tastes even better somehow 🙂


    I am so sorry that this situation ended up the way it did. 🙁 Hugs to you.


    Awww, poor Piglet 🙁 I’m so glad that he’s doing okay–I can’t imagine how scary that must have been.

    Oooof, such a tough call. I really REALLY hope that Match can stand up to his family, too. I understand a couple’s desire to have a destination wedding, I really do. BUT it’s also incredibly selfish to expect anyone to go. His family should never have pressured him into attending when you guys haven’t even had the chance to take a vacation together. But maybe some good will come of this–it already sounds like Match realizes the importance of going away TOGETHER and you might just get that dream vacation you’ve been planning in your dreams 🙂 XOXO and thinking a lot about you, kiddo.

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