Piglet is 10 Months Old


It is so hard to believe our sweet baby boy is already 10 months old. He has reached so many milestones this month. He pulls up on everything, and he now takes steps while holding onto our hands. He keeps trying to let go while he wobbles along, and I know his first true independent steps are just around the corner. He also gives kisses, my personal favorite new milestone.


He is very aware of Mommy and Daddy, and calls for each of us, especially at night when he is refusing to sleep! It’s very hard to resist him when he calls out “mama”!

daddyHe also loves his cuddle time with Daddy, and sometimes he asks for Daddy at night instead of Mommy.

His top two front teeth have just cut through his gums, making sleep elusive this past week. Last night he only woke me up once, which was a welcome change from the 3-4 times he was doing. Hopefully his sleep pattern settles down soon, and we can all sleep through the night. On the other hand, I know all too soon I will miss those late night feeding/cuddle sessions. Lately the only time he will slow down to cuddle is when he is tired.

The elimination communication efforts continue. We had one very willful episode of a potty tantrum at the gym daycare, that ended with poop on the ground. Lesson learned, and this mama will always remember to bring his potty seat! Potties in the toilet have been better and better, and I’m so impressed when he manages to hold it during our walks, and then signs clearly to go. The days he does go poo in the toilet are even better. I’m grateful that I don’t have to change a lot of poopy diapers.

Dear Piglet,

I love your silly old man laugh, and how you giggle and squeal with glee when I get you out of your crib in the morning. I love your excitement over your accomplishments, and the way you just can’t wait to go play. You wiggle and squirm out of my grasp, but you always come back for snuggles when you get sleepy. I love the new shy stage you’re going through, where you burrow your little head in my shoulder and check in with me before approaching strangers. I love it when you tip your head to look back at me while you’re learning to walk. When you collapse into me during your story time, my heart melts. You impress us every day, and your zeal for life is contagious. We love you so much little man!





    Just… awwwwww! That’s all I can say 🙂


    i really can’t get over how grown up he is getting!! He is looking more like boy and less like baby 🙂


    My heart is in a puddle on the floor. My goodness–that Piglet is one ridiculously cute little man 🙂 So sweet!!! Happy 10 months, Piglet!!


    oh my he is such a cutie!

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