Family Date Night

Last night Match, Piglet and I went out to celebrate Match’s job offer. We know there are still some final hoops for him to go through, but they gave him a verbal offer, and said they’re looking forward to having him on the team, and that calls for a celebration! We decided to put his family drama aside, and focus on our family, and our happiness.

We took Piglet to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Piglet was awesome! We expected him to get bored and fuss a little bit. It was the first time we’ve taken him out to eat since he became so mobile. He just kicked his legs happily in the high chair, and kept making eyes at the pretty waitress who walked by. He barely made a peep, and was just happy eating bits of tortilla and people watching. The waitress said she couldn’t believe how mellow he was for a 9 month old. I told her he makes parenting look so easy!


After dinner, we stopped by the library to get Piglet a couple of books. The library is my happy place, and I think it’s becoming Piglet’s too. Future bookworm alert!


We walked a little bit in the town square, and stopped for a photo op. I can’t believe the trees are blooming already! I guess it’s already spring.


When we got home, Piglet decided that it was time for a little naked time. Ironically, we’d just checked out the library book, One Naked Baby. It made for some hilarious pictures!


It was such a fun family date night, and I can’t wait to do it again!



    That is so exciting about the job offer, it definitely is a cause for celebration! Piglet did so awesome at dinner! If only my 3 year old was that happy and content when we went out ha ha. I’m glad you guys were able to go out and have a good time. Those pictures are all too cute!!


    yayyyyy!! congrats to match on the job offer… that is so awesome 🙂

    haha it may be spring there, but here it’s still frigid and snow on the ground! lol.

    you make parenting look like a breeze to those of us who not parents! 😉


    Congrats on the job offer! The family date night looks like it was a lot of fun.


    What a cute bum! Congrats to the hub on the new job! My husband just started a new one, and we did the same!


    Cute butt alert!!! LOL, adorable pictures! Also, congrats to Match on the job offer–that’s great! I love that you make date nights as a family a priority. What a wonderful way to connect together 🙂

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