10 Things to Smile About-Feb ’14 Edition

1. Celebrating Match’s birthday and Piglet’s antics over tissue paper.


2. Our little heart breaker turning 9 Months.



3. Taking MilWife and her daughter out for a girl’s day for her birthday this past Wednesday made me smile. She is obsessed with Halloween, so I made her a hand painted sign. I love making homemade gifts for friends! After lunch, we had dessert at a local cake shop, and the cupcakes were amazing. I’m still drooling! It was such a fun day, and I’m so grateful to have such a sweet friend in my life.


4. Match’s news that he has his final interview with our town’s police department made me smile from ear to ear!! This is the next step in the hiring process, and if all goes well, hopefully he will have a job offer in the very near future. We busted out the champagne and the chocolate covered bacon and toasted to getting to this next step. I’m so excited for Match, and for what this could mean for our family!



5. Piglet and I got to spend some time with his godparents Geeky and Fireguy this past Saturday. Watching their Great Dane Horse be so gentle with Piglet made me smile.


6. Match giving me some “me” time these past few weeks makes me smile. He has offered to watch Piglet while I go to the gym and it has been so nice to have that time for myself. I love that he offers without me asking, and that he knows how important it is for Mama to get some alone time. I love that man!

7. Piglet’s penchant for naked lunges in the morning. This baby cracks me up!


8.  Library story time and all the kid play group and play dates Piglet and I have gone to this month. We do something at least every other day, and I love that time we get to spend interacting with other people and being social.

photo 3 (1)

9. Wine nights with MilWife make me smile. We’ve started what I hope will become a tradition every few weeks to get together after the kids go to bed, and Match is working overtime evening shift. It makes for a fun evening of girl talk and relaxing!

10.This little boy has been cranky from teething/sleep regression these past few days. It makes me smile when I see him smiling and feeling better. Nothing like going to the park to put a smile on this little boy’s face!




    lol I love that a cause for celebration means breaking out the chocolate-covered bacon! How awesome is that?! Great list of reasons to smile. Your little guy just gets cuter with every passing day!


    I love how busy you keep and how many fun things you are always doing! So awesome. And congrats to Mr. Match! Fingers crossed he gets the job. I have never had chocolate covered bacon.. I love both chocolate and bacon but not sure if I would like the combo. How is Piglet 9 months old already! So crazy. Thank you so much for linking up


    Oh my! He is such a cutie!


    Ok you should totally have an etsy shop, you are so creative! And Great at it!

    Piglet is too cute as always! And I love how gentle he looks to be with the dogs 🙂

    Mrs Montoya

    Your little Heartbreaker is seriously the cutest. I’m new to your blog and loving that you call him Piglet – cute! Good luck to your husband on the job. It sounds like he deserves good news!!!


    Oh my gosh Piglet is so darn cute!! Those are all such wonderful things to smile and be happy about!

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