In-Laws Visit & The Mango Incident

The in-laws came by for a visit this past Monday. It had been way too long since they came over for a visit, even though they live just an hour and a half from us (don’t get me started!).


Match and his dad both had birthdays this month so they exchanged gifts. Piglet once again had a blast helping daddy open his presents. The MIL brought a couple books for Piglet too, which he loved.


Match went to work and the in-laws stuck around to take Piglet to the park. It was the first time they’d played with him at our neighborhood park, and they had a lot of fun with him. I just wish they would take more time out of their schedules to have these days with Piglet. He’s growing up so fast, and I’m afraid they’re missing it. Match and I both wish they were more involved grandparents, and it makes our hearts sad that we have to practically beg them to come visit.


After they left, Piglet was acting really strange. He seemed tired, even though he’d had two naps, and I chalked it up to over stimulation or a growth spurt. I had just finished nursing him, and was going to lay him down in his crib when he threw up all over himself, his crib, and his Blue bird. It was awful! I was so worried about him. He threw up a couple more times, in between nursing sessions and sips of pedialyte. He didn’t have a fever, and he seemed happy, just a little lethargic and of course the vomiting. I had just introduced tofu into his diet, and I thought maybe he had an allergy, even though for the past few days he didn’t show any signs of a reaction.

Thankfully he stopped vomiting after just a little while, and kept down some applesauce, oatmeal, and breast milk. The next day he woke up happy, but then at lunch, I tried giving him just plain mango, and he immediately threw it up. So I think he may actually be allergic to the mango, not the tofu. I will avoid both for now, just to be on the safe side, until I talk to his dr at his next checkup later this week.

To all my mama friends out there, have your babies ever had this kind of reaction to food? Did they ever outgrow the allergy?



    poor piglet! at least you were able to (hopefully) figure out that mango is just not for him.

    the pictures of him are, like always, adorable! i’m glad that match’s parents came up (down?) for a visit. it is nice that he piglet has grandparents that are semi close. he (and they) will for sure appreciate that as time goes on.

    Sarah Shumate

    Lexie had that reaction to soy milk when she was a baby, but never anything else. You’re smart to wait until after the doctor’s visit to try incorporating the tofu and mango into his diet again. Poor little guy!


    Glad they did come visit, it is too bad they don’t come more often. Unfortunately not much help with the food reaction, but yes definitely talk to your doctor. I do have a friend who’s oldest was allergic to a ton of things, and now he has outgrown most of those allergies, so it does happen.


    Oh poor little guy! And poor Mama. Definitely best to avoid mango and tofu for now. N is anaphalactic allergic to Cashews so we carry an epipen and the allergist told us that Mango is from the same family. So definitely proceed with caution. I’m not sure if he outgrew the allergy as I’m too scared to try either again, but we check every year and hope he will outgrow it. Good luck!

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