Belated Valentine’s Post

Every woman wants a date on Valentine’s Day. That neediness reaches its climax – what up – on February 13th. A magical night, when a ten has the self-esteem of a four and the depraved enthusiasm of a two.-Barney, How I Met Your Mother

Match and I don’t like to do the typical flowers and dinner for Valentine’s. We think it’s a silly holiday, and prefer to just use it as an excuse to do something fun together. We had some errands to run in the town we used to live in, so we decided to make a day of it. Match went to take care of a few things, while I dropped by our Ex-Neighbors house to visit with her and her little man.

Then it was off to the MIL’s work so she could show off Piglet to her coworkers.


He got to get some snuggles from Match’s aunt, who is still battling lymphoma. We were so hopeful the cancer was gone, but they found more in a recent biopsy. Please keep her in your prayers. While we visited, she told us she will be undergoing some aggressive stem cell treatment, and it will be intense, but hopefully this will get rid of the cancer for good.


After that we had lunch out at one of our favorite brew pubs for our Valentine’s. The one thing we miss most about our old town is the restaurants. We just have a lot of chain restaurants here, and not the fun brew pubs like we used to have. Since he’d had so much activity, we worried Piglet would be a bear, but he was SO good. He sat quietly in his stroller until I was done eating, just taking in the scenery and being mellow. He waited til that night to be a fussy pants, but we understood.

IMAG3076 IMAG3077

My husband, always the goofball!


 It was overall a pretty mellow day, but we enjoyed it.  It was great going out and enjoying a burger with my two loves! How was your Valentine’s?



    i’m glad you enjoyed you vday! what more could you ask for than a day out and about with your family. and a good looking one at that! i love local places to eat and drink. in parts of the bmore we have a bunch of one offs. they are the most fun to hang out and eat at.


    Awwww, sounds like a wonderful day. Like you, I’m not much into the holiday myself so I prefer something low-key to celebrate, too.

    Hope all is well with you; it’s great to be back here today! I’ve missed you and have been thinking a lot about you lately.

    Will keep Match’s auntie in my thoughts and prayers, XOXO

    Sarah Shumate

    I’m so sorry about Match’s aunt’s cancer returning. I’ll certainly pray for her.

    We had a pretty low-key V-Day, too. I cooked at home, but earlier in the day I’d taken Lex to a bakery and we picked out some sweet treats for dessert! We like our holidays simple.


    Sounds like a great day and spent with your family which is what matters most

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