Piglet is 9 Months Old!

Piglet is 9 Months Old!


If I had to describe life with a 9 month old in one word it would be motion. He is in constant motion as he learns how to move around. He has mastered crawling forward, and he is incredibly fast on his hands and knees. We can’t take our eyes off of him for a second! (He actually took a dive headfirst off the rocking chair during this photo shoot, and it didn’t even slow him down!) Piglet loves to roll over and crawl away when we change his diaper, and getting the diaper on has become a full contact sport. He has also recently started whistling while he plays, and he snaps his fingers when he’s hungry. He has shown increasing interest in toys, and he loves to play.


He still has his mellow moments, where he quietly observes his world, but they are fleeting. I marvel at his agility, but sometimes I miss the simplicity of life before crawling. He is also trying to pull up, and is very close to standing on his own.


He will stand against things if placed there, but he doesn’t quite have the arm strength to pull himself up completely. He gets to a halfway squat and then sits back down. He still babbles a lot, and his new favorite thing is making bababa noises with his lips when he’s tired. You have to hear the video to really get what I mean. I crack up whenever I hear it on the monitor!

Speaking of cracking up, apparently the potty is a hilarious activity. This is probably my favorite video of Piglet ever. I love that little cackle laugh of his!


He has been doing well with the elimination communication, though now that he’s mobile, he sometimes rather be off playing than sitting on the potty and he forgets to sign. We’ve also had some willful moments where he flat out refused to go, or attempts to stand up on the toilet while going, and other times where he will go easily, and thinks it’s great fun. I’m just excited that he’s familiar with the toilet and what it’s for.

His friendship with Milbaby has grown, and it is so much fun to watch him with his little “girlfriend.” We get together for play dates at least once a week, and I love watching them together. Here they are in Milbaby’s tent, having a romantic picnic. IMAG2996

Dear Piglet,

This month you have been in constant motion. You are a wiggly, squirmy, busy little worm who has no patience for sitting still unless you are sleepy. I cherish those moments when you do feel snuggly, and you lean into my hugs, and rest your little head on my shoulder. Even though you’re a busy, mobile little guy, you are still so easy going. We can take you anywhere, and you adapt to your surroundings. You’re friendly, sweet, and all around happy the majority of the time. You continue to light up our lives, and we are having so much fun watching you grow up!


    Sarah Shumate

    That heartbreaker tee is adorable! {And kind of ironic considering today is Valentine’s Day…}

    I guess your days have gotten busier now that he’s mobile! 🙂


    Oh my goodness, there is just too much cuteness in this post to handle! Ack! I can’t believe he’s 9 months already!


    Happy 9 months, its all going so fast 🙂 He looks so happy in these pictures!


    9 months?! time is flying. you def have a heartthrob on your hands 🙂 so completely adorable!! you’re a lucky mama!!


    OMG, these pictures are really too cute for words. I can’t believe how big he’s getting. Just seeing the first photo put the biggest smile on my face but I love that there are now videos to see of him–his laugh is infectious 🙂

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