Happy 30th Match!

On Monday the 3rd, Match joined club 30. Piglet helped him open presents with great enthusiasm. d30We are still getting over this awful virus, and we didn’t have the energy to do much. We had Vietnamese take out from our favorite restaurant, and we spent the day lounging around. On our way to grab dinner, we stopped by the feed store to pick up Monkey’s food, and to show Piglet the baby chicks. He almost convinced us to take one home.


Today we were feeling a little more energetic, so we took Piglet to the park downtown.

IMAG2948 IMAG2962

We didn’t do much this week, but we spent a lot of quality time together as a family. It was a quiet way to ring in Match’s 30s, but a little bit symbolic of our life these days. More mellow than our 20s, but a lot happier. So here’s to our 30’s my love, may this be our best decade yet!




    Happy Birthday! Hope you are all feeling better!


    happiest of birthdays match!!

    i love piglets face while opening the presents. so precious!

    glad that you are all starting to feel better! you were really hit hard! xoxo from the ec


    Happy 30th Match!

    Sarah Shumate

    You don’t look like you’ve been sick! I love that photo of you!

    I forgot it was “chick season” until you mentioned it! Oh what I’d give to have a couple under a heat lamp in my bathroom again! They’re so sweet!


    I love that you said this is some symbolic of your 30s! Isn’t that true? I think late 20’s and 30’s, you finally get the leave that uncertainty & chaos of your twenties behind! And hopefully you have a little better idea of who you are! Adam turns 30 in May & I will be 28 (gasp), but I sure hope we are not sick on our birthdays!


    so* not some*


    Yep your description of the 30’s is perfect. Happy belated birthday to Match!


    Awwww, I love everything about this post 🙂 And yay for a happy and mellow 30th! Happy birthday to Match!!


    Oh, also–I hope you are all feeling better 🙁 SO many things going around this time of year. XOXO

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