Stomach Bug and Our Self Entertainer

This past Saturday when Match got home from work, he was complaining that his stomach hurt. I asked him what he’d eaten at work, and he said chicken wings. We both agreed that maybe the food was bad, and it seemed to be the case when the poor guy was up all night vomiting. I felt so bad for basically having told him he was over reacting and that he was fine.

When he came down with chills, body aches, and some very unfortunate digestive upsets, we said it must be food poisoning. Until 4 days later, when I woke up puking. Let me just say that karma really paid me back. I felt like I was DYING. Can I tell you how hard it is to take care of a tiny human when you can barely get up the strength to get off the bathroom floor? These past few days have been rough going. I’m finally feeling a bit more human, but I still can’t stomach more than the blandest of foods. God I miss my coffee!

Thankfully, we have an awesome baby who seemed to understand that we were sick. He quietly played on the floor while Match and I moaned from the couch. Match’s stomach bug only lasted a few days, but then morphed into a cold. My poor stomach has been flip flopping since Thursday. Thank god Match took a day off work and helped me out. He basically had to bring Piglet to me to nurse, because I didn’t have the strength to lift him that first day.

Piglet was great at entertaining us and cheering us up while we were feeling lousy. He was quick with the cuddles to help cure us.


DSC_0428 DSC_0430

He also learned a new trick: crawling forward! He was very pleased with himself, and he provided us with some much needed entertainment.

crawlingToday Match is back at work, and I’m all alone with the little man. I’m thankfully feeling much better, and so far Piglet hasn’t shown any signs of getting sick. Praying he stays healthy!




    Such a cutie! Glad everyone is feeling better.


    eek!! i hope everyone is feeling better!! being sick is no fun at all…

    holy moly piglet is adorbs!! he really is the best of both worlds. i see you… i see match… so cute!!!


    Oh no! What a a bunch of bad luck! 🙁 So glad that you guys are feeling better!


    Oh my goodness, I’m glad you guys are feeling better! That sounds quite unpleasant! And hopefully Piglet doesn’t get sick now!

    Sarah Shumate

    I’m so sorry you’ve been so sick! Stomach bugs are the worst! I avoid people who’ve had them recently like they were suffering from the plague – I really don’t do throw up! ;o) I hope you continue to get better VERY quickly!


    Stomach bugs are the worst especially when you have kids. You can’t fully be sick because you have another human to take care of. Glad everyone’s on the mend!


    Oh that is the worst! I hate throwing up. Glad you are starting to feel better now. So so fun that he can crawl forward now too!


    UGH, stomach anythings are the worst 🙁 Hope you are all recovered. PS: You take the cutest little Piglet pictures.

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