10 Things to Smile About-January ’14

1. Watching my little baby turn 8 months old made me smile.


2. Our trip to Arizona, watching my family fall in love with Piglet, and admiring Piglet’s ability to adapt to new situations made me smile.


3. Watching Piglet’s antics as he gets more mobile makes me smile. Watching him get stuck under furniture when he can only go backwards never fails to crack me up!

crawl4. Piglet’s love for Monkey always brings a smile to my face. I love how he giggles whenever Monkey walks into the room. He is also Piglet’s prime motivation for crawling. Must.chase.puppy!

moving5. 2 weeks ago, Piglet was in the fussy stage of his 6th leap of his Wonder Week. If you don’t know what that is and you have a baby, google it. It will help you soooo much in deciphering the sudden mood swings. Being on the tail end of the leap, and having my happy baby back really makes me smile. He was a stage 4 clinger and fuss bucket that week, and we’re all a little exhausted from the ordeal. He still gets a little fussier than he used to, but it’s because he’s just so much more aware. Here I am being an evil mommy and trying to encourage him to pull up and reach his toys. He chose option 2, pout and complain about how awful I am. 😉


6. Our former Neighbor Family came to visit, and we had a great playdate. The husbands went duck hunting, and Neighbor Wife, MilWife and I had a playdate with the littles. It was a blast! I love watching the kids play, and they tuckered Piglet right out. He missed out on some of the play time, but he’ll be keeping up with them in no time. friends7. Going to story time, going on play dates, and generally hanging out with my little man makes me smile. I love my little companion! DSC_0244

8. Having nightly bonfires on Match’s days off makes me smile. Once Piglet goes to bed, we turn on some Irish music and watch the fire and the stars. It’s the perfect way to spend couple time together. IMAG2636

9. Having a friend in the neighborhood makes me smile. Milwife and I go on walks all the time, and we met up at each other’s homes for play dates. Our last play date, she opened up a bottle of wine, and we were like two housewives from the 50s! IMAG2797

10. Match having a baby bonding night this past Thursday while I met up with Geeky for dinner. I love that I was able to get some girl time in, and that Match had some quality one on one time with our son. IMAG2779







    All such great things to smile about. You had a great month!


    If I had a cute little guy like Piglet, I’m pretty sure I’d be smiling every day too! 😉 Can’t believe how much he’s grown!!
    And I dream of one day having a fire pit/pot in my back yard!! Nothing better than evening bonfires!!


    Yea!! What a wonderful month. I love how much you are embracing and loving motherhood. So nice that you have friends close by too, makes it so much easier to have someone to talk with. That is too funny that he just moves backwards and gets stuck, you should take a video of it sometime. 🙂

    Sarah Shumate

    Oooh bonfires! How I miss those!

    I’m diggin’ Wyatt’s hair! It’s so fluffy!

    Stacey Lynn

    Your little Piglet is adorable! That was such a fun age with my kids…I miss that time!

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