2014 Goals/To Do List

This year I’ve decided not to make quite as big of a list as I did last year. One big goal I have this year is to cherish these moments with Piglet while he’s young. I want to be present, not just with him, but with Match too. We often get so caught up in our busy lives, that we forget to take a moment to really notice each other. Some of the goals on my list this year focus on spending more time together. The top item on my list this year was to cancel our cable TV. We still watch shows online sometimes, but for the most part, it’s off. We have dinner as a family, or if Piglet is sleeping, then it’s just the two of us. We have been connecting more, and I have to say, it’s making me fall in love with Match all over again. I feel like for awhile there, we were just drifting apart, and now I feel like he really sees me.

Here’s the rest of my list this year. Some goals are pretty ambitious, but for the most part I feel it’s all realistic. What are your goals this year?

2014 Goals/To Do List:

  • Stop watching TV at dinnertime, and eat as a family in the dining room
  • Reduce monthly bill costs: cancelling TV has really helped with this, but I’d like to see us reduce our bills even more.
  • Pay off Match’s student loan
  • Write our wills
  • Get exterior of house painted
  • Paint or re-stain the deck
  • Build window seat in the downstairs great room
  • Replace kitchen lighting with recessed lighting
  • Install  custom closet organizers in all bedrooms
  • Keep up with breastfeeding until Piglet’s first birthday, then slowly start weaning
  • Continue workout routine, and hopefully keep weight off after I stop breastfeeding
  • Have Piglet daytime potty trained by the end of the year: so far we’ve been keeping up with the Elimination Communication, but we’ve had some set backs due to solids and a slow digestive system. Hoping for less misses and more communicating this year.
  • Baby proof house: we have some done, but I need to put locks on cabinets, and not so much proof, but make our home more baby friendly.
  • Throw Piglet an awesome 1st birthday!
  • Teach Piglet to swim: a safety must as far as visiting the in-laws goes. Hoping to sign up for swim lessons this summer.
  • Do something fun for Halloween
  • Make Piglet a baby book and keep track of milestones (in progress, will be done on his birthday)
  • Make gifts for Christmas this year, and teach Piglet about giving
  • Go to Portland, OR to visit family
  • Take a family trip that doesn’t involve visiting relatives, one that’s just for us: I can’t remember the last time we did that. It seems we’re always traveling to see people, but never just because. Not sure if we’ll be able to do this once Match gets his new job, but maybe we can pull it off.
  • Meet a blog friend in real life: I put this one on here every year. Hopefully I can get some takers! If you’re in the SF bay area, let’s meet up!!
  • Help Match study for his new job
  • Read at least 60 Books this year (read so far)


    I think taking a vacation for yourselves is such a good idea. I like visiting family but I also find it really draining. I think you have such great goals! 60 books it a ton! I will be super impressed if you finish that!

    Sarah Shumate

    You guys definitely need a trip for just YOU. We were exactly the same way before we moved to Europe – if we were traveling anywhere it was to see family. {Mostly because that’s what they expected of us…} We won’t ever make that same mistake again. Family trips are the best!!


    Great list of to-dos! I love that spending more QT together is at the top of your list. I think this is so essential. I understand what you mean about feeling as though you’re drifting apart and I blame the TV on this myself. I’m just not a big TV watcher. I mean, I’ll watch it if it’s on, but when I’m home, my inclination is never to go towards it. I’d rather read a book or write some emails or call a friend, etc. But when Bryan works late hours, his first question is “what do you want to watch?” UGH, NOTHING! LOL. I’m hoping to work on this going forward, too.

    Hope you are having a great New Year so far and I really hope you guys can take a vacation for a few days. Maybe a long weekend??


    60 books is a ton! My goal is 30 for the year, I have already read 4 so doing good so far. Great list of goals

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