Piglet’s First Christmas

Phoebe: And I heard him say, as he flew out of sight, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”
Joey: Wow, you really wrote that?
Phoebe:Uh-huh. -Friends

Every year since we first started dating, Match and I have always had a “mini” Christmas with just the two of us. We like to pick a morning that will be our very own Christmas morning, complete with stocking exchange, where we don’t have to share it with anyone else. We decided this year should be no different, and we picked Monday morning, the 23rd, as our mini family Christmas. I think once Piglet gets older we’ll have to save the stocking and a santa gift, or maybe leave a note so Santa knows to come a few days early. 😉 I think this will be good practice for all the Christmases Match will miss because of work.


We opened presents, and it was like Piglet was an old pro. He tore into those gifts with reckless abandon.


That evening, my Dad and stepmom came over to spend the night. It was my Dad’s first time ever meeting Piglet. It was way past bedtime when they arrived, but Piglet was too excited to sleep. He had a Grandpa to meet!


The next morning we had biscuits and gravy, an old family tradition on my dad’s side of the family. Then it was off to the park so Piglet could show off his swinging skills. That night we packed up the car and headed to the in-laws. We spent Christmas eve and Christmas night at their house. Christmas Eve we started a new tradition: reading The Night Before Christmas to Piglet before bedtime.


Christmas morning he was ready for presents! My MIL went a little nuts with presents. She always spoils us, so you can imagine how overboard she went for her first grandson. The wheely tiger was a hit, as was the wooden walker that he will grow into. It’s beautiful!

DSC_0981 DSC_0985


Christmas day we went to one of Match’s aunt and uncle’s home for the day. We went on a nature walk and took some of my favorite pictures of Piglet. He gets so happy when he’s outside, just like his Mommy and Daddy! Oh, and yes we are all wearing plaid. We’re awesome like that!


He got a little overwhelmed from all the noise during our Pirate Christmas game. We took him back to the in-laws early, and he went right to sleep. Match and I were able to enjoy having the house to ourselves for a little bit. We played Yahtzee, drank wine, and listened to classical Christmas music. Annnnd then, Piglet woke up. And continued to wake up every TWO HOURS til morning. Poor little man, and poor us! I think he was just so overwhelmed by all the activity. We ended up letting him sleep with us, a first for our family. Overall, he was such a trooper, and he was in great spirits in the morning. Here he is, bright and early. He couldn’t wait to play with his wheely tiger.


We stopped by for a visit with our friends former Neighbor Couple to visit with their little one and see their new house, which is really close to the in-laws’ house.


By the time we got home, Piglet was so excited to see his crib. He slept like a champ, and was all Christmas-ed out. It was a wonderful holiday, and I couldn’t have asked for a merrier Christmas. I know it’s a little late, but Merry Christmas to all, and I hope you had a great holiday with your loved ones.





    Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas! I just love seeing Piglets smiles 🙂

    Kenzie ?

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! Piglet is SO cute! So fun that you guys got so many cute pictures 😀


    merry christmas!!!! from the looks of things, it was a wonderful holiday season filled with friends and family for you. i love the pictures!! thank you so much for sharing them with us 🙂


    There are too many cute things to comment on in these pictures. Matching plaid shirts, santa hats, Piglet sprawled out in his jammies in front of the fireplace?

    Sweetness. XOXO

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