Piglet is 7 months


Wow, time is FLYING! Piglet is 7 months old as of Friday. He is so curious
about his world. He is fascinated by the Christmas tree and the pretty
twinkle lights, and the snowflakes we hung from the ceiling. His all
time favorite thing is Monkey. He loves watching him, and he
attempts to crawl to him whenever given the chance. He even cries for
him when Monkey leaves the room.


He is getting over his first cold (which he shared with Mommy and
Daddy!), but he has been a trooper despite the cough and sniffles. It was so hard to see him sick, but I enjoyed the extra snuggles.

His latest milestones include cutting his first tooth, sitting up
unassisted, and crawling backwards. He also stands when we hold him
up, and I think pulling up to standing is just around the corner. We
have a lot of babyproofing to do! He also says “dada”, “mama” and


His favorite foods are bananas and peas, and he is not a fan of carrots. He loves drinking out of cups, especially our water glasses. He is very independent, and loves to try to do everything himself.

He continues to be the happiest of babies, and is always quick with a smile. I am so excited for Piglet’s First Christmas, and all the fun that is in store for our family in the new year, as he continues to grow and learn new things.


Every day with you is an adventure little boy, and I’m so glad I get to be here to experience it all with you. Love you so much little man!



    I love his smile! He really is a happy and content little dude, isn’t he?? I love that shot of him sitting up in the chair! Ya’ll are going to have so much fun this Christmas!


    Oh my! Such a cutie!


    that first picture… he looks like a little man!! i see both of you in that face of his πŸ™‚

    i cannot wait to hear all about his first xmas experience. xo from ec!


    He is so so cute! Totally think he is looking more and more like his daddy too! Love love the age he is at– from about now until 18 months have always been my favorite ages.


    Oh my gosh he is so darn cute!!


    What a little sweetie. He really is a darling boy. Wishing you all the best for a Happy Happy Happy First Christmas. Can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for you. Enjoy every minute πŸ™‚

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