Personalized Shirts as Christmas Gifts

I just ordered a personalized shirt from and I’m loving it! I’ve ordered make your own shirts before in the past, but was always disappointed in the quality. I love the lettering on this shirt, and the material is very soft. It definitely feels high quality, and more like a shirt you would buy in a store.


If you don’t know what Zitchdog is, I suggest you watch How I Met Your Mother. Go. Go now and don’t come back til you get the reference. Then thank me for a highly entertaining road trip game. I beat Match on our last road trip!

I’m hoping to order a few more shirts as stocking stuffers for Christmas. I think I’ll make one for Geeky from Hunger Games. Maybe a shirt that says Team Peeta. We can wear them to the next Hunger Games movie!

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* I was contacted to review an Allied Shirt, and was given a free shirt for doing the review. The opinions are 100% my own. I love my shirt and I will happily order from them in the future!

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