Piglet’s Half Birthday

Today we celebrated a huge milestone-Piglet turned 6 months old!

6monI can’t believe how much he has changed. Wasn’t I just pregnant a week ago?

There are so many new things he has learned this past month, with the biggest of course being eating solids. He’s so eager that I’m pretty sure he’d eat the cup, bowl, and spoon if we let him.


He loves to be silly just like Mommy and Daddy.


He also belly laughs when he finds something amusing. Today it was watching Mommy do her workout. Thanks kid! Already making fun of your mama. 😉

He’s a big ol’ cuddle bug, and snuggles are his favorite.

DSC_0202 DSC_0220   He rolls over easily now, and he still uses the potty regularly.  Oh, and he also sits up on his own now, if put in that position. He doesn’t stay upright for  super long, but we’re working on it. I think all the trips to the potty have really helped him learn that particular skill. IMAG1812 Dear Piglet, Thank you for being such an easygoing little guy. I love that you greet me with a big smile first thing in the morning. You charm everyone you meet, and you always attract attention wherever we go. I adore your baby cuddles, and the way you hold on extra tight for hugs. Teething has been a bit rough this month, but you’ve been a real champ. I love the way you look at your world in wonder and enthusiasm. You embrace new experiences instead of being fearful, and I hope you carry that enthusiasm with you to adulthood. You are growing up so fast, and sometimes I wish I could freeze time. I love this baby stage, but I look forward to all of the new experiences ahead of you. We are so lucky to call you our son, and we couldn’t ask for a better baby. You truly have brought light where there was once darkness little rainbow. We could not be more grateful to have you as our son. You really were worth the wait. pigletroo



    Happy half birthday to the handsome Piglet! He is so darn adorable!! So amazing that you have him using the potty, every time I read about him using it surprises me. Teething is no fun, but the extra cuddles are wonderful (:


    What a sweet post!! What a SWEET little boy!! He always looks so happy! Can’t believe it’s his half-birthday already… seriously, weren’t you just pregnant a week ago? 😉 One of the cutest baby boys I ever did see. And your note to him at the end brought a tear to my eyes – the little rainbow that brightened up a place that once was dark. So beautiful!


    Got a little choked up there. What a beautiful post for your beautiful boy! Congratulations on your first half birthday!!


    6 months!?! How the heck did that happen?! As always, he is looking adorable!


    happy half birthday piglet!!! i always say that when i have a kid, “no complaints,” because of all the hard work and tears it will have taken to get there. colicky baby? no complaints! temper tantrums? so grateful. bring ’em on!


    OMG, I can’t with the cuteness here 🙂 HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY, LITTLE PIGLET! You are a lucky little boy; you have two of the most loving and sweet parents in the world 🙂 XOXO

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