Fall Leaves

Match likes to pretend he’s not into holidays, but then he turns around and comes up with the best ideas, and makes sure to help me bring them to life. Like last year when he suggested we hang snowflakes from the ceiling to add to the winter wonderland effect at Christmastime. This year, he suggested we do the same but with leaves for fall. He thought Piglet would get a kick out of them. So I got to work cutting leaves out of construction paper, and then we tied them to fishing line and hung them from the ceiling.


I love the way they look! They slowly turn and it adds to the effect.


Piglet definitely notices them. I love that look of wonder on his face!


Daddy pointed out the different colors and Piglet watched them dance. I can’t wait til next month when we put up the snowflakes!!


I also added a few more touches of fall to the house. My parents will be here next week for an early Thanksgiving, and we are hosting Thanksgiving dinner the following week for Match’s parents and I wanted to make our home feel warm and festive. I can’t wait til they see it!





    I love all of the cute decorations! What a brilliant idea to hang leaves from the ceiling (:


    What a great idea! It looks fantastic and so festive. Piglet’s little face is so sweet.


    Just like your fall decorations I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your fall touches, especially the leaves and jars! And Piglet’s face is so precious!

    Sarah @ The Wanderblogger

    I love your ‘give thanks’ jars! Did you paint the letters on them?

    So sweet seeing Piglet gaze up at the leaves hanging from the ceiling!


    Super cute decorating ideas! Love how Piglet is watching the leaves. Definitely can tell he’s in awe of them!!


    I love your decorating! I always want to decorate, but never seem to get around to it, and then the holidays pass too quickly!


    looks great!! you always decorate your house to wonderfully for the holidays. piglet looking at the leaves is too precious!!

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