Intro to Solids

Piglet’s pediatrician told us to wait until Piglet was 6 months old before introducing solids. These past few weeks he has been absolutely fascinated with food. He gazes longingly as we eat, and he has seemed a lot less interested in his ol’ pal nipple.

This morning I couldn’t take it anymore, and since he is just one week away from 6 months, I decided it was time for solids.
These pictures do not do it justice. He LOVED his mashed up banana. I’m talking, grabbing the spoon and shoving it into his mouth loved it. Not just to gnaw on the spoon either. He seemed to understand the concept of food being on the spoon, and I couldn’t feed him fast enough. At one point I thought he was done and he screamed for more! This kid has a great appetite, just like his mama! I think we’d better go shopping for a real high chair soon. We’d like one with wheels, and one that doesn’t look too ugly at the dining room table.Β Any high chair suggestions?


    love jenny xoxo

    So cute!!! Ronan isn’t even 4 months yet, but I’m sure he’ll be starting on solids in no time! I want to start him on something natural too, not cereal. How did you pick bananas? I’ve heard a lot of people do bananas as one of the first foods, but I’m just curious πŸ™‚



    He is absolutely adorable! And getting so big!


    It’s nuts how big he is! What a fun experience, giving your little guy solids for the first time. I remember my siblings’ first solid food tastes well. πŸ™‚


    He is too cute! No high chair suggestions, but I am glad to hear he loved his first solids! He’ll be an eating machine soon!


    Such a big boy! Such a milestone! He totally looks like he knows what he’s doing πŸ™‚ No real suggestions on specific highchairs but both my boys loved ours and its best feature was that it reclined. A was a terrible napper and N was a terrible eater, but A would almost always doze off with a bottle while N s…l….o…w….l….y finished his meal. It was a lifesaver to not have to move him. And with the wheels I could gently tuck him into a corner where he wouldn’t be disturbed.


    6 months already?? wow… getting so grown up. he really is quite the cutie patootie!!

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