My Big Ol’ 5 Month Old!

This past Sunday Piglet turned 5 Months Old! These days I’m starting to get glimpses of what he will be like as a little boy, and not just a baby. It amazes me how grown up he seems. I was greeted that morning with babbling, his latest milestone. He is still quite the morning baby, and I couldn’t resist getting a video of his morning speech to me. I love our “conversations”.

This month he has become more and more wiggly. He pulls himself up to sitting when he’s on our laps, but still easily topples over. He thinks about rolling over, but mostly he’s just content to do baby pushups.


 His sense of humor is developing, and he loves laughing at Mommy’s antics. Here he is pretending to be laundry.


We did our monthly photo shoot in his glider. Here’s a word of caution:  this is what happens when you do a photo shoot on a full stomach. Just keeping it real!


Luckily the spit up happened at the end of the photo shoot. I managed to snag a couple of good shots before he erupted!


Oh sweet Piglet, you are such a joy. You are such a go with the flow, self entertaining, lovable little guy. We love that you’re learning to hug back, and when you hold your arms up for uppies! We can’t get enough of your cuddles. You make our days brighter, and our evenings sweeter.



    teehee….LOVE! Such a beautiful boy, congrats to you both! xoxo

    Kenzie S

    Oh he is just adorable! Such fun pictures 😀 Carson had pretty bad acid reflux and was always spitting up ha ha.


    Oh my gosh, what a little ham!! Love that pic of him laying back in the glider with his arms behind his head, just chillin! Such a cutie pie!! Can’t believe he’s 5 months already?! Woah!!


    Oh he is delicious! What a sweet sweet boy. Happy 5 months little man. You make your Mum so very happy 🙂


    Oh that smile!! Squeal!! Love it! Oh and I miss the baby babble.


    He’s so adorable. 🙂


    5 months already?! where is the time going!! he just keeps getting more and more adorable!! thank you for sharing 🙂


    Aw, he’s so big!


    Awwww, what a cutie! I love these pictures… he totally is a HAM! Love this photo shoot 🙂 Happy five month, little Piglet. XOXO


    wow, he is such a happy baby!


    I love this pictures at the end, he looks like he is posing for a centerfold!

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