Parent’s Night Out

The last weekend in September, Match and I finally went out on a date without Piglet. The inlaws came over to babysit, and by 6 o’clock, we were out on our own. It felt so weird to leave the house without Piglet and all of his gear.

We decided to go to Mel’s Diner for dinner. It was a decision we both ended up regretting, because we left with huge stomach aches. But the milkshakes were delicious!


I think next time we’ll opt for  a nicer place. We both enjoyed being able to eat our meals while they were still warm.

After dinner we went to a local bar, where we enjoyed playing a few games of pool. It was fun flirting and teasing each other while we played.

IMAG1520 IMAG1521



The only bummer was that including the stomach aches, we were both incredibly tired. We’d worked really hard cleaning the house in preparation for the inlaws visiting, and we were both exhausted. Hopefully next time we have date night, we will have more energy. That, or maybe we check into a hotel and get some uninterrupted sleep!

 When we got home, Piglet was in a great mood, and that made my heart happy.  I’m so glad he gets along with his grandparents and that they are becoming more involved. I’m looking forward to our next night out!




    I love 50 style diners! And I’m glad you had such a nice date night! I so would have leverage that for some hotel time, but I’m not good at losing out on sleep, at all.


    He is just too cute!


    looks like so much fun!! i’m glad you were able to have a full on date!! and ps. you look super!! you both deserved a well needed night out on the town.


    I totally remember how weird it felt the first few times we went out without one of the babies, but yea it is so good and so important to do. Sorry about the tummy aches

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