Dreaming of Moving To the Coast

You may have noticed that we have been doing a lot of traveling in the past month. Both trips we visited the coast, in Oregon and here in California. Match and I agree that if we were to ever move again, we would want to live closer to the ocean. The weather, the fresh air, everything about it makes us happy. The coastal cool breezes make me want to work out, and be outside.

So while we were in Carmel, on the Monterey coast, Match looked up local police jobs to see if they were hiring, and they were! So on a whim he applied. Now it’s just a long shot, but the idea is so exciting. The only thing that would be hard is leaving our home. We love our beautiful house, and it would be awhile before we could afford anything half as nice in Monterey. The cost of living is higher there. But on the other hand, home is where you make it. I would gladly rent our place out, and downgrade to a small place near the beach. It doesn’t matter where we are as long as my little family is together.


As with all of our daydreams, I immediately start scheming and crunching the numbers. We would have to find a moving truck, and figure out how to go about renting out our current home. It would be hard work, but I think in the long run we would be so happy in Monterey. I can already picture weekends spent with Piglet and Match; we would go in hikes, family bike rides, and play on the beach. We’d get season passes to the aquarium and go kayaking in the ocean. It would be a dream come true! So here is hoping. Do you ever dream of dropping everything and moving somewhere new?


    Sarah @ The Wanderblogger

    Downgrading isn’t necessarily a bad thing! We like our smaller place so much! I can clean it in a day versus the week it took for our old house!


    i’m always dreaming of where i would want to go 🙂 the coast for sure would be awesome. who isn’t instantly happy when they are near a big body of water, right? haha.


    I am so ready to move. It’ll probably be at least another year though, maybe two.

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