Piglet’s First Oregon Trip, Pt. 1

We’ve been back from Oregon for a week now, but it feels like we just left. The trip up to Oregon turned out to be a huge success! Piglet was a champ on the car rides, both there and back. It helped to drive at night and basically keep to Piglet’s schedule. He slept the whole time, and then we’d wake him up at stops to nurse, stretch and potty.

We made a pit stop at the halfway point, and met up with my cousins for breakfast. I finally got to meet my newest baby cousin, and she’s almost a year old. My cousin’s girlfriend was pregnant with her at the same time I was pregnant with Roo, and she was due just a month before me. It was really hard for me last summer and I couldn’t bring myself to visit til now. I’m so glad we finally got the chance to connect, and that I was in a way better place emotionally. She’s just the sweetest little girl, and she loved her baby cousin Piglet. She kept touching him and saying “baby!” Everyone got their Piglet cuddles in, and it was so nice to see them! I felt like we didn’t get a long enough visit, and we definitely hope to make the trip up just to see the cousins in the near future. The 4.5 hour drive wasn’t bad at all!


My old friend from high school came to breakfast with us too, and I hadn’t seen her since our 10 year reunion. I loved that she made time to see us too!


When we finally made it to my parent’s house that afternoon, my mom couldn’t get her hands on Piglet fast enough. It was love at first sight for Piglet and his “Gamma”.  She was so good with him, and they had a blast together.


My Pops, or “PopPop” to Piglet, isn’t much of a baby guy, but he was pretty taken with the little guy. He even held him! He said he’s the youngest baby he’s ever held! Piglet liked his mustache. Fotor0819160421

We spent some time in my little hometown on our second day. We walked along the boardwalk, and took some fun family photos.


We explored this really cool art exhibit, where a local artist took trash and debris found in the ocean, and used it in artwork.


I still can’t believe everything was made out of trash. Doesn’t that seal look super creepy?!

We ended the day with some amazing ice cream at the new creamery, where we sampled cheeses and then ate ice cream. I love the new building, and I definitely want to come back and try their paninis. creameryHoly gigantic servings batman! We got child size scoops for just a $1.50 and they were huge! My mouth is watering just thinking about that delicious ice cream. How much does Piglet look like Match’s mini me in that picture? He was jealous that he didn’t get a bite.

That night Piglet met my Aunt and Uncle, and had his first real fussy night.


We think he’s at the beginning teething stage and was drooling like crazy. He also didn’t nap AT.ALL the whole day, so he was crazy overtired and over stimulated. Lesson learned! We made sure he took his naps for the rest of the trip, and he did great. Even his fussy night wasn’t that bad, and he never full blown cried. He just whimpered and whined a lot, and we all felt bad for him.

The rest of the trip was a blur of visiting with family and reconnecting with old friends, and Piglet’s first hike. I’ll save the rest for another post, because this one is getting pretty long!




    Sarah Shumate @ The Wanderblogger

    I’m so glad your trip went so well!! You really packed in a lot and saw a ton of people! That’s how we like to do it when we go back home, too! Of course, it’s easier for us since we don’t have a newborn. ;o)

    The seal thing? Totally going to give me nightmares.


    Yea!! Glad it was a good trip! Love the picture where Piglet is smiling up at your mom- that is a keeper for sure!

    So nice that you were able to see school friends too.


    i’m so glad to hear that your trip was a huge success!! that’s awesome. love the pictures–they captured some really great memories!!


    I love that you were able to get so much family/friend time in on this trip! It sounds like it was well worth the car ride and I’m SO glad that Piglet took it like a champ. I can’t believe how big he’s getting and he totally looks like Match’s Mini Me in that picture! Adorable photos, like always!

    Also, that seal is SUPER creepy, but I love that everything is made of trash. Yay for innovative artists!!

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