Heading Out on Our First Road Trip With a Baby

You know, I don’t think we brought enough stuff. Did you forget to pack the baby’s anvil? -Chandler, Friends

The car is packed to the brim. We packed probably far more than we’ll ever need for Piglet for a 5 day trip. Monkey’s dog sitter is all lined up.  Piglet is going through his 12 week growth spurt, and he was Mr. Fussy Pants all day yesterday. We’re all exhausted,  it’s 2am, and we’re hoping like hell the baby stays asleep for the majority of the trip. Wish us luck! Oregon…here we come!




    have a wonderful, super, fantastic trip!!!! xoxo


    It really is crazy how one small person needs so much stuff. I hope you trip is wonderful!

    Ruth Llewellyn

    Hope you guys have the best time xxx


    Good luck! We just had our first mini road trip with Baby Girl. And she’s older…but it’s definitely way more work! Hope you have a wonderful time!


    I hope you guys have a wonderful trip! 🙂

    Sarah @ The Wanderblogger

    Eeek! I hope everything went well and you’re resting comfortably at your parents house right now! Have a good visit! 🙂

    Kenzie S

    It’s so crazy how much you have to pack for such a little person, I remember all the trips we took when Carson was a baby and the car was always loaded down with his stuff! Hope you have an amazing trip 😀

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