TTUT-Elimination Communication

Carla: I just don’t get what’s so great about kids. I mean, “yay! you went poopie in the potty!” There’s a monkey at the zoo that can do that… you know, when he’s not playing with himself.
J.D.: So, don’t have kids.
Carla: But I want to be a mom more than anything else in the world! I know it’s crazy, but I’m a girl: it’s how we roll.

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

This week Match had another busy couple of days off. It started with him being a DUI testing volunteer at the police academy. Basically he got to sit around and drink with a bunch of his peers, and the cadets had to test their blood alcohol content. Except Match may have gone a little overboard. I think he forgot that he rarely drinks nowadays, and the poor guy ended up super sick, and I had to pack up Piglet, and drive an hour in rush hour traffic to pick his drunken butt up. His coworkers were so worried I’d be mad, but I said it was a good sign. It means he doesn’t overdo it on a regular basis. I’m ok with him having a low tolerance. Unfortunately it meant he was pretty much useless around the house for the next 24 hours, but oh well. He never gets to let loose, and it was pretty funny.


Wednesday night Match went on a second ride along with the department he’s hoping to transfer to. It was another night ride along, and it’s definitely not the safest of cities, and of course I was worried about him. To take my mind off it, I ended up meeting up with a new neighbor friend (met her while walking Piglet in the neighborhood) and her little boy, and heading to a line dancing night. I don’t dance, but it was fun to get out of the house and watch everyone else dance. Piglet was mesmerized by the Christmas lights around the dance floor. Makes me very excited for how he’ll be at Christmastime! IMAG0785I dressed him up in his little cowboy slippers, and the folks there just couldn’t get enough of him. It was great getting out of the house and keeping my mind busy while Match was on his ride along. I loved having Mommy/Son date night. IMAG0787IMAG0788

In funny Piglet related milestones, at 10 weeks he now poops and pees sometimes on the potty (I think the first time was at 9 weeks). The hell you say? Well, I’ve been reading about elimination communication (google it!) and I think it just sounds like an awesome idea. I’m not as hardcore as the full timers. Basically the idea is not to potty train an infant, but rather watch their cues when they’re telling you they need to go, or that they are going, and then you “catch” the poo or pee in a toilet, baby potty, sink, etc. It gets baby used to the idea of going in the potty, instead of in the diaper. It’s also great for saving some diapers-I’ve managed to watch his cues enough that I’ve saved myself from changing his diaper only to have him poop in the brand new one. A common occurrence with newborns, am I right mommys?


So while in no way do I think he’s “trained”, (hell, I’m the one who is trained, since I hear his noises and I take him to the toilet) I do think this EC practice just might help him out in the long run with the dreaded potty training. Either way, I figure he’s getting used to the idea of a potty, and he doesn’t have to sit in a soiled diaper for long. He doesn’t seem to mind it too much. He leans back against me and I sing him the ABCs or some silly song about the potty, and he does his thing. I think once he’s sitting up I might try placing him on the baby potty and seeing if I can get him to play with his toys and then go that way. We only do it at home right now, and honestly not every time. Usually it’s if I see him struggling and uncomfortably trying to go. Or if it’s bath time, and I really really don’t want him to go in the tub (again, a really common occurrence!)

Anyone else ever tried elimination communication? Have any success with it? Think I’m a total crazy person? It’s ok, you can tell me!



    Kenzie S

    Sounds like you had a great time at the line dance! I went to a western-themed bar once and everybody line danced, I had the best time watching them!
    I’ve heard of elimination communication, but not being called that. I just didn’t know what it was called ha ha! I never tried it, nor did I really look into it. But, I definitely did deal with a lot of just changed diapers that were pooped in! Good luck with it!! Seems like it is working out pretty well for you!


    i had never heard of this… kind of a cool concept. keep posting on how it’s going.

    and piglet… omg. he is going to be breaking girls hearts left and right! completely and utterly adorbs!!!


    Good for you and Piglet! You know I think it’s great. Aubri is 14 months old and doing great!


    First of all, he is adorable, like always! Second, while I’ve never seen EC first hand or known anyone in real life that’s practiced it, I follow a blogger who used it with her daughter. If you’d like, I can send you the link! I thought it was really interesting, and I’d never heard of it before.

    Sarah Shumate @ The Wanderblogger

    How in the world did he get so big so fast, huh?! Crazy! What a little cutie! And I’m dying laughing over the story about Match’s drinking! ;o) It is a little funny, don’t you think! I hope he wasn’t too embarrassed about being a “lightweight”.

    Janette @

    AW, I hope that Match gets the job with that dept!! That would be so nice!! 🙂
    So cute that you got Wyatt in his lil’ cowboy slippers!! Did you not take him out on the dance floor to twirl him around?
    I have never heard of Elimination Communication… I’d like to eliminate potty training though, I can tell ya that much! 🙂 xoxo


    I’ve never heard of this, but I think it’s an awesome idea… not to mention, prob a bit better for the environment in the long run! GO YOU!

    I love that you and Piglet were able to enjoy a mommy-son date night together. How sweet! And line dancing sounds like a lot of fun. I hope it took your mind off of your hubby’s night drive. Also, I think it’s amazingly awesome that you were supportive when your husband had a few too many. Lord knows, Bryan has helped me on many occasions when I overdid it with the drinks. The last thing I would want is a lecture! 🙂

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