Cherishing our Family Time

Last week, before going to the inlaws for the holiday, Match and I enjoyed some quality time. We turned the tv off for the evening, and played a couple games of Scrabble. It reminded me of the nights we used to spend together when we first started dating, back when we were too broke to have cable. Of course now we have an adorable centerpiece on our table. 😉



I love that my husband still remembers to date me. Tuesday night we went out to a Thai restaurant in town.



It was our first white tablecloth restaurant experience with Piglet. He was a champ and slept the entire time and I was actually able to eat my dinner! We’ve figured out a semi schedule with him, so I think the key is to make sure we time dinner around nap time.


I love the quality time we get as a family. We really couldn’t ask for a better schedule for Match. He works Friday through Sunday and gets Monday-Thursday off. Our days have been filled with yard work, DIY projects, walks with the pup and baby, and of course starring at the baby! He’s better than tv.

We started signing with Piglet. He loves watching our hands and smiles and coos when we practice. Here’s Match signing Daddy. Pigket looks like he’s studying hard doesn’t he? 🙂


I’m cherishing these precious family moments. Match is in the process of possibly changing to a new agency. If he gets the job, it would mean training, which is incredibly stressful. It will mean less time at home, and more time away, at least in the beginning. It will most likely mean going back to graveyard shift instead of day shift. It will also mean he’d be a city police officer, rather than a county sheriff deputy. It means he would be more at risk safety wise, because he’d be working the streets instead of the jail which scares me to death. But ultimately this is the career he has chosen, and I am supportive. I’m trying to take the time to enjoy every minute of our time together now while he has this great schedule. I am dreading the training period of the new job, where his schedule will constantly be changing, and his stress level will be high. It’s a career move up, it’s closer to home, and the pay increase would be substantial, but it comes with a price. I know we will still have our family time, but it will be a challenge in the beginning. So for now I’m soaking up every moment.