Happy 4th!

Yesterday was Piglet’s first real holiday (sorry memorial day, but I’m not really counting you).We went on our first overnight trip away since bringing Piglet home from the hospital. We ventured just an hour and a half away, to the in-laws. Match’s sister called that evening, and announced that she and her fiance  were making the trip up from southern California to visit. It was fun getting to see her again, and getting to spend some time with her fiance, whom we don’t know very well yet.

We spent the day poolside both days, and Piglet got to meet a bunch of the family. He met a few of his cousins, and two of his great aunties.

P1080471                                                             Piglet hanging out in his “baby cabana”. Doesn’t he look incredibly cozy?




He experienced his first time in the pool (we decided a small dip couldn’t hurt, especially since it was a freshly cleaned private pool, not a public one). VIDEO0039He wasn’t a big fan of the pool, but I think it had more to do with the temperature than the water.VIDEO0039-001 I think we’ll try again when the water is a little warmer. The challenge was making sure he was in the shade since he’s not supposed to be out in the direct sunlight. I think an indoor pool would be easier at this age, but I’m nervous about public pools. Anyone out there introduced their baby to swimming before they were 6 months old? How’d they do?

Match’s dad kept marveling at what a good baby Piglet is. He said to Match, “you know, if you were this easy, I may have had 3!” We really have lucked out with Piglet’s temperament. Maybe we can attribute a small part to us too, at least I like to think so! Match and I are a good team, and while we get annoyed with each other, as all new parents (or just married couples!) do, overall we work really well together, and we’re pretty laid back. I think Piglet can sense it, and he shares that mellow, happy attitude.

The only time we really had trouble was sleeping. Piglet has been sleeping in his own room since he was about 2 weeks old. Having him in the guest room with us in his pack n’ play, we barely slept. We forgot how LOUD our little guy is when he’s sleeping. He grunts, gurgles, yelps, and whacks his legs on the mattress in his sleep. For future trips, we may have to bring the video monitor and put Piglet in another room or in the living room so we can get a little rest!

On our way out of town, we stopped by Tahoe Girl’s parents house for a 4th of July party.IMAG0680 It got really hot yesterday, and I was worried about Piglet most of the time. I could tell he was a bit overstimulated, having been around constant activity and new experiences for the past two days. When we got home he was still such a trooper. He was cooing and smiling for us both. I think he was happy to be home! IMAG0681

Today he’s been a bit fussy, and wanting to snuggle a lot more. I don’t mind having a lazy day snuggling the baby, especially after a busy couple of days. I had to share him a lot for the past few days, and it’s nice having him all to myself again. Overall we had a nice visit with Match’s family. The baby did a great job, but I can’t say the same for the dogs. Having 3 dogs running around was a bit much, and my MIL was constantly fussing about them, as if they were children themselves. It didn’t help that Monkey goes a bit berserk when there’s a pool. P1080493He likes to play police dog and barks and whines whenever anyone splashes in the pool. He jumps in and attempts to herd you out of the pool. It’s obnoxious! Otherwise he was a good boy on our trip. I just wish we could get him to chill out when it comes to swimming. We finally figured out that playing catch with a ball in the pool kept him busy. IMAG0672

We are planning our yearly trip to Carmel, and this year we will once again have the 3 dogs, but also Piglet, and another couple, good friends of the inlaws. It’s going to be a crowded, chaotic household, and I am a little exhausted just thinking about it. Staying overnight at the inlaws was good practice for the trip. I’m grateful that we have a month and a half til the trip though!


I hope you all had a great 4th of July!



    A weekend by the pool sounds lovely! And what a nice set up for Piglet. I think my son was between 4 & 5 months old when I first took him in a pool. He loved it! We would always go in the evening after the sun went down to avoid having to use sunscreen. We went to the beach when he was about 7 months old and used sunscreen then with no issues.

    Glad you’re having some lazy, snuggle time!

    Ruth Llewellyn

    Rainy old England has had 3 days of summer!! It’s been lovely but I won’t hold my breathe that it’ll stick. Slightly jealous of your hot weather.
    That little boy of yours is beautiful!!! Gorgeous!!
    My youngest nephew is 2 and a bit and I just took him to the safari park, he loves animals.
    It’s so amazing to watch him develop into his
    own little character. I love being auntie Ruth and you are going to love being Mummy soooooo much.
    Lots of love xxxxxx

    Sarah Shumate @ The Wanderblogger

    I’m glad you guys had such a good time with Match’s family! Funny that he’s such a noisy sleeper! Maybe he’ll grow out of it in time. Is he that noisy when he naps, too?

    By the way, you look GREAT!

    Janette @ www.thejohansonjourney.com

    Awww.. so sweet!! I love that you guys got to get away– I always loved getting to have my babies back to myself when we have had a lot of family around.. something about the peace and quiet together is something to be treasured!! He looks like he had a great 4th!! Monkey too!!
    Buzz you soon- had some AC issues when you called..xoxoox


    aw. looks like you had a wonderful trip!! that’s a nice pool your inlaws have. and i would have done the same thing with you… no reason he couldn’t go in the pool for just a little 😉

    thanks for sharing so many wonderful pictures 🙂


    Sounds like so much fun! I can’t remember if my other kids swam before 6 months but I am thinking yes and I think I just didn’t worry about it too much as they were really hardly getting in the water anyway.

    It is funny how babies can be so noisy when sleeping- and how much they move. Really makes you wonder about the saying ‘sleeping like a baby’


    So cute! A note on carseat safety: that plastic bar must be across their chest, at the nipples. Otherwise, it could hurt (won’t go into details) the baby. Also, ALWAYS keep the bar BEHIND the seat. I didn’t know these things either! I have so enjoyed reading his story (and yours) I feel a little skin in the game in a sense! Congrats again!


    Sounds like you guys had a great 4th! And how sweet of little Monkey–he was trying to protect you guys 🙂 (though I can see what it might be annoying).


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