Look Who’s 1 Month Old!

[Joey and Chandler are babysitting Ben.]
Joey: It’s a known fact that women love babies, all right? Women love guys who love babies. It’s that whole sensitive thing. Quick, aim him at that pack of babes over there.
Caroline: Hello.
Joey and Chandler: Hello.
Caroline: And who is this little cutie-pie?
Chandler: Well, don’t, don’t think me immodest, but, me?
Joey: You wanna smell him?
Caroline: I assume we’re talking about the baby now.-Friends

We celebrated one month with our baby with breakfast at Black Bear Diner. He pretty much dozed in his car seat the whole time, and the waitress said she forgot we had a baby with us! I know these moments won’t last, and soon enough he’ll be climbing all over the booth and not letting me eat, so I’m enjoying it for now. The day before was the 5 year anniversary of my first date with Match, so we had more than one reason to celebrate. We didn’t do much for it, but we did marvel at how far we’ve come since that day!


I still can’t believe it’s already been a month since I gave birth to our sweet little man. He amazes us every day! We crack up at his silly faces and the grunts he makes. We marvel at how beautiful his eyes are when they gaze up at us. We melt when he snuggles in close when we pick him up. Looking forward to the next month and all of the new experiences ahead of us. I can’t believe how grown up he looks already. Slow down lil guy!




    1 month already?!?! holy moly. where does the time go??

    seriously. and i keep saying this. but he is quite delish! how do you stop yourself from kissing that adorbs face!?

    and i’m sorry. did you say 5 years?!?! oye ya yoy!! that is awesome!!! xoxo from ec!


    He’s is so stinking cute! Happy 1 Month Wyatt!


    Time sails by so quickly. Ten years ago I had one of those little bundles and was figuring out the parent thing. Enjoy every moment, they speed by too fast.


    Yes it does go by so quickly!! He is so cute, love his hair

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