DIY Garden Ideas

While I was pregnant, I would waddle my butt outside and sit and weed our backyard. Now that I’m healing up, I can’t wait to get out there again. I can already picture putting Piglet in the ergo carrier, and having him “help” me with the weeding and yard work. Some of you may recall last summer we did some major work on the backyard. We put in a gravel fire pit and seating area.


Now we need to work on the barren wasteland that is the “lawn” side of the yard. There is some green grass, but mostly pockets of weeds and uneven ground. We’d like to set up a garden eventually, with raised beds, and then have a small patch of lush grass on the other side. I’ve been searching websites for creative garden design ideas. With our incredibly hot summers, I’d like to cut back on the amount of lawn we have to maintain, and instead just keep a small patch of lawn. I can already see playing with Piglet on a blanket, or having family picnics, or even camping out under the stars as a family. I would also love to be able to grow some of our own vegetables in the garden area. I love the look of these raised beds, and I think Match could probably make them pretty easily.


Now if we could just convince Piglet to sleep longer at night, so we’d have the energy to complete this project. 😉



    I thought I knew sleep deprivation before Brian. I was wrong. So wrong.


    Yes sleep it really is a nonexistent thing with a newborn.

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