Post Partum Frustration

Forget the bra that holds her breasts a little higher than they are on their own these days. And the panties, the ones that hide the scar from my c-section. This is it. Hi, Carlos. I’m Edie. I might not be the woman that you thought I was under all of that but I’m real, and I’m here. And I’m asking for a chance.-Desperate Housewives

For all you ladies out there who had to have c-sections: how did you deal with the postpartum recovery? I’m so frustrated by my limitations. I realize that it’s only been 3.5 weeks since delivery, but I HATE that I can’t do my normal activities. I know with vaginal delivery the recovery time is so much shorter. I have been walking, and that’s about the extent of what I can do. Even lightly sweeping the house makes me sore and achy. If we take too long of a walk I’m tired, and the one time I tried walking Monkey and Piglet by myself I paid for it later with a very sore incision area and abdomen.

I’m also really freaked out by my scar, and the “shelf” of puffy skin that is hanging out over the incision site. I know it’s still healing, and some swelling will go down, but I can’t help but worry that it will be permanent. Luckily for me my husband tells me every day that I’m beautiful and that I look great. I know that every battle scar and piece of flab is worth it to have my gorgeous son here. But it would definitely help if I could at least work out again, and get my endorphins flowing. I am an active person, and being a couch potato just isn’t for me. I’m looking forward to next Thursday, and so hopeful that my Dr. clears me for more activity besides lifting Piglet and being a human dairy cow. 😉

In happier news, our little guy continues to grow and plump up daily. I’m amazed by how much he changes every day. Some of you asked how well Monkey is doing with this new arrival. He ignores the baby for the most part, and does a good job of avoiding him when he’s on his play mat. Today he wanted some loves while Piglet enjoyed some diaper free time on the floor. As soon as he starts solid foods, he and Monkey will be the best of friends!




    Meghan Furst

    I didn’t have a C-Section – but, I can tell you for a fact that I wasn’t up & raring to go when the baby was only 3.5 weeks old. For one thing, I bled for 8 weeks after the baby was born. I was exhausted all the time (but, I think that was the oxytocin that my body produced from nursing). I would say that I was completely out of it for four months. By then the baby was sleeping more & not wanting to nurse every two hours. That’s just me & I’m sure that all the other Mamas out there have their own story to tell.

    As far as having a scar is concerned, I had hernia surgery two years ago. The incision was about twelve inches long. I was also totally freaked out every time I looked at it. So – I didn’t look at it much. I sort of felt a little sick every time I saw it. The doctor had told me that it would only be a one-inch incision. What a shock for me!

    The good news is that it’s only about three inches long now & there’s no puffy skin like you were talking about. I think the width of the incision is a lot thinner too. Anyways, I try not to think about it much. We all have our scars. Somewhere.

    PS: Wyatt is adorable!


    Everyone I know who had c-sections were up and moving long before I was. I had a vaginal delivery with both. I tore badly each time. The stitches and swelling kept me from sitting regularly for weeks. I didn’t feel like I was back to my normal self until 8 weeks after birth. Each person is different. It’s frustrating, but you just have to listen to your body. You’ll know when you’re ready for more. Until then, you just have to take it easy.


    I didn’t have a c-section, but I can tell you this: Don’t rush it! Take advantage of the down time and appreciate it for what it is, pretty soon you’ll be back to 100% and you’ll wish for the down time.
    Also, if you push, you will take longer to heal. Did you know it takes a woman’s body a full 2 years to completely heal from giving birth?

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