9 Month Bumpdate

Richard: I’m fine. When is dessert? I have work to do.
Emily: It’s coming as quickly as the woman can spoon fruit over ice cream.
Richard: Well, clearly, she has carpal tunnel or some other modern disease which is slowing her down. -Gilmore Girls

9 months pregnant: www.dategirldiaries.com

A big thank you goes out to Steph at Watching Airplanes. On Monday I received a sweet little package from her in the mail. Her mom makes the most adorable baby tag blankets and burp clothes, and she had one made for Piglet that matches his forest nursery theme so well. Check out her Etsy site here. She has some adorable stuff! I love it, thank you Steph!!

tag blanket: http://www.etsy.com/shop/buttonshugsnstitches

And a big thank you goes out to Misty at Handbags and Handguns. Yesterday she sent a gift package in the mail for Piglet. She bought him an Earl the Squirrel cuddle pack complete with a personalized blankey! I love how the packaging looks like a tree stump. I saved it and I’m using it to store toys. Thanks Misty!


The squirrel and blankey were Match tested, Match approved. πŸ™‚


Symptoms & Labor Signs:Β Last Thursday was officially 7 days since my last progesterone shot. I started contracting pretty steadily, and we were beginning to wonder if this was it, when they stopped. I’ve also been getting lots of braxton hicks, but nothing that’s progressing. Monday at our checkup I also had to get wrist braces, not just for one wrist, but both. My carpal tunnel has gotten pretty bad, and hopefully these bad boys help the numbness and soreness. They make typing very awkward and Match says I look like a pregnant ninja. Lol!


Food Cravings: I really want a German chocolate cake with caramel pecan frosting, served cold with frozen yogurt. Or just some frozen yogurt with lots of goodies mixed in. We might need to go out for fro-yo soon, because having a cake in the house just sounds dangerous. Luckily I’m also craving fruits so I’m indulging that craving regularly. Oh, and Chinese food. I can’t get enough crab puffs. I shouldn’t be surprised if I pack on the pounds from here on out!

Baby Prep: The last item on our to buy list was actually a car. We had this old Β 2 door Ford Focus that I’d had for 10 years, and it wasn’t very baby friendly. So we went to Couple Hubby’s car dealership, where he hooked us up with a 2010 Ford Fusion. We got a great deal on it and I’m so glad we now have 2 vehicles we can cart Piglet around in. We bought an extra car seat base, so we’re good to go with whatever car is available. Now Match can take the Jeep hunting and I can still transport Piglet to doctor’s appointments and errands without worrying about his safety.


Weight Gain: 25.3 pounds so far. I am feeling good, and feeling healthy. But as the weeks go by, I’m starting to get so incredibly tired, and I think it’s very possible that the pounds are going to just pack on from here til I deliver. I’m forcing myself to keep up with my walks, but naps are so wonderful.

What I’m Thinking About: How excited I am to meet our little man. I keep wondering what his little face looks like. Does he look more like daddy? Does he have a full head of hair? Will he be colicky or will he be a peaceful baby? Will I be a good mama? I am just so ready for that next step. I know we have a few more weeks ahead of us, and I really hope they fly by. I’ve been pregnant for a very long time, especially when you factor in my last pregnancy. We are so so ready to meet and cuddle our son!





    Oh! What sweet gifts!! I love the tag blankets Steph’s mom makes, so cute!!

    I don’t know if I told you already, but my sister-in-law had carpal tunnel when she was pregnant and wore wrist splints that helped. But it didn’t go away completely until after the babes was born. Hopefully it works out the same for you! You preg ninja!! haha!!

    Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚


    I have horrible carpal tunnel. It’s so irritating sometimes.

    Glad you loved the gift! After I saw the nursery pics, I knew it would be perfect. πŸ™‚


    9 months! Congratulations πŸ™‚ And seriously you look fantastic!


    I’m glad you like the tag blanket. Aubri has roughly 20 of them. Seems like my mom sends her home with a new one weekly.

    You are looking great! You will lose that 25 pounds in no time. My 40 pounds took a year to lose. πŸ™‚

    Janette @ www.thejohansonjourney.com

    Awesome to read about the final month updates! In the home stretch and I can’t wait to read about 1 month accomplishments with baby Wyatt and so on. Cute gifts!! Love it!


    yay for the home stretch!! love (love love love) reading these updates.

    congrats on the new car πŸ™‚ your new mommy mobile!!

    super cute gifts!! i’m sure wyatt will love them as much as daddy πŸ˜‰


    Oh you are totally in the home stretch!! So excited for you! How fun to get a new car too. Sounds like you really are all set now


    You’ve really got your ducks in a row! Good job. And bravo on such low weight gain.


    How sweet of your bloggy friends! So very thoughtful πŸ™‚

    Also, congrats on your new car. You are all ready for the little one! I love it!!!

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