TTUT-Maternity Photo Shoot

[Ross baby-talks to Rachel’s belly.]
Phoebe: How can you let him talk to your crotch like that?
Rachel: He’s talking to the baby.
Phoebe: Oh! Okay! Okay, ’cause when — when he said “I can’t wait to hear your first words,” I thought, “There’s a trick!” -Friends

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

We had our maternity photo session with Couple Wife last Monday. The pictures turned out absolutely perfect. It is so hard to choose which ones I like best. I love them all! I will probably be sprinkling them into posts from now until Piglet gets here. Get ready for picture overload!

maternity photos:

The last time Match and I did a photo session was our wedding day. I was reminded of why I chose this man as my partner in life. I think Couple Wife did an amazing job of capturing the essence of us as a couple. This tattoo shot is a perfect example.

couples tattoo:

Taking these maternity pictures just made me fall in love with him all over again. I couldn’t help thinking of where we were almost 3 years ago to today. All we’ve been through, all we’ve accomplished, all we’ve survived.
angel baby:

I love that Couple Wife made sure we honored Roo, and included her in the photo session. This picture brings tears to my eyes whenever I look at it.

maternity photo shoot:

maternity photos:

maternity photo:

maternity photo:

There were so many moments during the session that I had to blink back tears of joy. After more than 2 long years, we are finally getting our family. Our baby boy will be here soon. I was overwhelmed with emotion.

watermark10 daddy and me boots:

It didn’t help that CW kept taking such adorable pictures. Matching father/son cowboy boots? Stop it! The kid boots belong to her kids, and they are future hand me downs for Piglet when they outgrow them. I can already picture him strutting around the house in his boots, trying to be like daddy.

baby cowboy:

I love how CW would just keep snapping photos and let us just be us. I love how she caught the pure happiness on our faces as we felt Piglet kick during this picture.  I cannot wait for him to see these photos someday. I can’t wait for him to see the love between his parents, and the love we have for him.

maternity photo:





    Meghan Furst

    Either these math exams are getting easier – or I’m getting smarter.

    These pictures are too adorable! They should feature this shoot in a family or healthy pregnancy magazine.


    holy mother of beautiful! i love these pictures. you (and match) look phenom. cw did an amazing job capturing your love, beauty, and belly 🙂 i’m so happy for you and your little family! xo from ec!!


    Beautiful! Almost here…

    Janette @

    She really did an epic job in capturing the beauty of a mother to be and a father to be in love. So happy for you both.


    You both look so happy. The countdown is on. Hope your Piglet comes in a timely fashion.


    Those are all awesome! Thanks for sharing! You look amazing.


    I LOVE these! You guys are so gorgeous! So nice to be able to have a friend capture you. 🙂


    I can see how you’d be so pleased with the pictures – they are gorgeous, and you are both just glowing!! So excited for you. And I love that Roo was incorporated into the photos too. Very special. You must be starting to count the days… *squeal*


    Oh my goodness, I love them all. Great pictures 🙂


    Those are all amazing! Heck, I tear up just looking at them too! What a cool thing for Wyatt to see as he gets older. You two certainly deserve all the good things coming your way!

    Impulsive Addict

    These pics brought tears to my eyes. I can’t think of a more deserving couple than the two of you. I can’t wait for Mr. Wyatt to get here! You will experience a whole new level of love. It’s amazing. You look just precious in your pics. xoxo


    I LOVE them! I think I like the bridge ones the best. Or the one where he’s kissing your belly. I don’t know. I like them all!


    OMG, girl… I am qvelling over here. These are so incredibly adorable, and I am so overwhelmed with love for you both. Your faces say it all. And I absolutely LOVE the name you have picked out.

    I am covered in goosebumps and tears once again. Why do you do this to me EVERY TIME?? LOL!!

    LOVE these. Love you. Can’t wait to meet Wyett and that you honored Roo in this way. You know she is so very proud/excited for her parents, right? 🙂


    These are all so great! You look beautiful!!

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