TTUT-Nursery Reveal!

Ross: [talking about the baby’s name] Wait a minute, why is Susan’s name in it?
Susan: It’s my baby, too.
Ross:Funny, I don’t remember you making any sperm! -Friends

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

So I was going to have Couple Wife take our maternity pictures in our nursery yesterday. Then we realized the forecast for our town was in the NINETIES (Bleck!) and decided that sweaty pictures weren’t really what we were going for. We ended up doing maternity pictures where Couple Wife lives, in our old hometown, where the temps were much cooler. So the professional looking shots of the nursery will just have to wait until Piglet is born and we do his newborn photos. Without further adieu, I give you Piglet’s nursery!

forest nursery:

forest nursery:

forest nursery:
If you look close there may be a name hint here. 😉

angel baby:
Roo’s ultrasound, hand and foot prints are on the top shelf, and Piglet’s ultrasound is on the lower shelf.

glider under nursery tree :
Where I will be spending many of my upcoming nights!

nursery bookshelf:
We can’t wait to read to Piglet. He already has quite the library!

forest friends bedding:

nursery closet:
There is so much I’d like to change about the closet, but it works for now. Taking the doors off was a huge help. Now I can get to all those cute little outfits in a hurry.

baby shoes:
Little shoes! I think baby shoes are my favorite.

nursery window seat:
I used the bumper that came with the crib set as a backrest for the window seat. I love that there is a little Roo and a little Piglet in the room. Makes my heart happy.

So there is Piglet’s nursery, all set up and ready for his arrival. We can’t wait for him to be here!

Last but not least, here’s a sneak peek from the maternity photo shoot yesterday. They turned out amazing, and I am going to have so much trouble choosing my favorite!

maternity photo:



    ack!!! looooooooooooove it… you did a phenom job with the nursery. and the name! awesome. thank you soooooooo much for sharing this with us.


    Ah, what a sweet nursery! I love all of the personal little touches, and having a shelf for Roo is such a beautiful touch. I especially love the Piglet & Roo stuffed animals!! AND I spotted “it” on the wall, and I think it’s just perfect 🙂 GREAT choice!!!!

    Janette @

    Incredible nursery!! Lil Wyatt is going to be so lucky to grow up and sleep in a room with such warm and fun cuddly animals surrounding him. I love it!! You guys did a great job!! The closet turned out great and love the bumper against the window seat- very classy! Way to go!! That is just a teaser picture of your maternity shots– can’t wait!


    That is one wonderful nursery. I had great plans for decorating the nursery up, but found we used it just for each baby to sleep in only. We decorated when they were toddlers and the rooms have been growing with them.


    Aw, I love it so much! It’s so cozy. You did a great job.


    I’m so excited that you ultimately decided to reveal Piglet’s name this way! I love the name Wyatt! I would have never guess y’all would have choose Wyatt, but I like it a lot! Love the nursery, it is just perfect. Love all the little touches! The best part is the roo and the piglet stuffed animals!


    Love the name, working in the school system, I can tell you it isn’t common, which is what most of us want, unique without being crazy! Nursery looks great!

    love jenny xoxo

    the nursery looks great!!! I love the tree and all the animals!!! I think I liked a similar chair, where did you get it and what’s the brand?

    Love that maternity shot! Cant wait to see more!

    {love jenny xoxo}


    I *love* his name. Seriously that’s been my favorite boy name for a while now! The nursery looks fantastic and he is going to be quite comfortable in there!


    I love the name. Wyatt Match…. it has a nice ring to it. 😉

    I think it’s great the way you incorporated Roo into the room. I’m sure the maternity pictures are awesome!


    Love it! We had the same crib, changing table, and rocking chair. I repurposed the changing table. When you are ready, ill show you pics. Hurry up Wyatt!


    You did an amazing job! I love the whole look of it and especially the tree! Great name choice too! Now, just time for him to come use it!


    The nursery is so so cute! Seriously love it. Sadly I never really did much of anything in the nursery for any of my kids.
    Love his name too 🙂 So excited to see your maternity shoot pictures!!


    I really like your name choice! We spent all kinds of time on Brian’s nursery and he ended up sleeping in the pack and play in our room… I’ll be able to let go eventually…I think.


    Okay, I’m dying with the picture of the little baby clothes neatly lined up in a closet. You are giving me baby envy, girl 🙂

    Jan from Unique Baby Gear Ideas

    Awwwww! Love the wooded atmosphere! Congrats on your little one!

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