34 Week Bumpdate and Amazing Blog Friends

Thank you, my friend. Thank you for this. This… means the world to me.-Monk

34 weeks pregnant: www.dategirldiaries.com

I received the sweetest card  to go towards baby gear in the mail yesterday, with a generous gift card from Janette, Emmy, Impulsive Addict, Mimi, Sarah Kate, and Stacie. Ladies, I cannot begin to tell you how touched I am by your thoughtfulness. Once again you’ve blown me away by your kindness. I can’t wait to meet you all someday, and give you the giant hugs that you deserve! Picture me doing this dance but with my big ol’ belly. 🙂 That was me when I opened the card. Thank_you_dance

I thought for the remainder of these bumpdates I’d go through a little checklist for you guys. I wish I’d been doing this from the beginning, but hindsight and so forth.

  • Symptoms: the dizziness is still pretty bad, but my Dr. tested me for anemia and I think I’m fine. Just low blood pressure, and baby sitting on my nerves. Otherwise, peeing constantly and definite case of pregnancy brain. I’ve become pretty forgetful! I also seem to choke on everything I drink, or even just the air I breathe in. It’s really random! Today is my last progesterone shot, and I’m really looking forward to not feeling like a human pin cushion. I also feel like the shots make my dizzy too, so I may find some relief after the last one is out of my system.
  • Food Cravings: Not a lot of crazy cravings. I kind of love all food. We’ve been eating a lot of Vietnamese lately, and I think Piglet’s new nickname should be Spring Roll because he seems to wiggle a lot after I eat them.
  • Belly Button: As Match puts it, it resembles an anus. I know, so gross. It’s almost an outie, but not quite. Most disturbing is my belly piercing scar, which has stretched across my stomach and looks like it’s going to rip off. There will be no bare belly pictures on this blog!!
  • Baby Prep: This week I finished organizing the baby closet, washed all baby clothes and bedding, and sterilized my breast pump parts. Oh, and I bought a lamp, and put together the night stand for those late night feedings.
  • Weight Gain: Right now I’m holding steady at 23 pounds. I am proud of myself, because I honestly haven’t been thinking about it too much. I owe a lot of thanks to our stairs, which I’m up and down constantly throughout the day, because otherwise my walks with Monkey have become pathetically short (Piglet likes to punch my bladder when we walk, and I’m always afraid I’m going to pee my pants!) Hopefully the stairs will help with losing the baby weight afterwards too! I’m trying not to think about weight too much. So long as I’m healthy and the baby is healthy that’s what matters. I feel good, and I have a decent amount of energy still, and I hope it stays that way!
  • Things I’m Thinking About:  Only 6 weeks left…possibly less, possibly a week more. Either way, in less than 2 months, we will be bringing home our son. I refuse to think of any other outcome than that. He will be here, kicking, screaming and healthy. When I get my bouts of sleeplessness, I fret over breastfeeding, pumping, and how I will function on just a few hours of sleep. I think about how I can’t wait to kiss those little baby toes. I worry that I’m not paying enough attention to my hubby, and worry that I won’t lose the weight quickly enough. But most of all I daydream about what my son will look like, and about how close we are to our dream of becoming a family. My eyes well up with tears of joy just thinking about it.


    love love love these updates 🙂

    you’re such a happy preggers. i’m sure i say that each time, but it’s true. you can totally see it in your face. and that makes me happy!


    The pregnancy brain will linger…it turns into baby brain. You really do get used to the lack of sleep, but the first few weeks are rough, I won’t lie! Hope you are able to get all you need for your boy!

    Sarah Shumate @ The Wanderblogger

    You are so welcome!!! I know you’ll put it to good use! I just can’t wait to see pictures of this little guy! :o)

    Only 23 pound weight gain? High five, girl! That’s awesome! With only 6 weeks left, you’ll definitely be keeping it under 30. Good for you! Less to lose later!


    First, you are more than welcome!
    Second, you are not that big…you’re gonna have him and then poof back to normal! Jerkface.
    And 3rd…love you!


    Love the update! And you look great!!! So excited for you guys and cannot wait to see little piglet!


    Wow, Piglet’s 5+lbs! That is awesome! And way to go on your weight gain as well 🙂 You look fantastic, and yay for less than two months till your baby boy comes home!!! (You know, outside of your belly :))

    Janette @ www.thejohansonjourney.com

    So cute!! I just love the baby updates and of course can’t WAIT for the updates when he gets here and all the latest antics he’s up to after we have a ton of cuddle pics and snoozin’ with Monkey! I am so excited for you both!


    You & your nursery look great! Nice work with limiting your weight gain….I know how hard it is–or at least it is for me b/c I’m ravenous all the time. And I feel your pain on peeing and walking….my walking route is set by where a public restroom is located, and the last few days I’ve been so tired that I’ve not even ventured out to walk at all. Hoping my energy will return soon.


    I can’t wait to see pictures of him! And you look beautiful.

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